A Little More Touch Me

Small word, huge possibilities.

I miss being touched. Oh, I still touch and am touched in dozens of different ways every day....
The curl of a baby's hand around my finger.
A hug from a co-worker.
The playful punch on the arm when I tell my friend a funny joke.
The accidental trailing of fingers across a palm as I hand change back.

But I miss being TOUCHED by a man.
The caress of his lips across mine.
A tongue swept into my mouth.
His hand holding mine.
The trailing of his finger across the back of my neck as he walks on by.
Being swung around and swept up into a huge hug.
Fingers groping my breasts.
Hands holding my ***, squeezing.
Mouth traveling, exploring.
The absolute ecstasy of being joined as one.

It's a craving without cease.
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1 Response Nov 27, 2012

I couldn't agree more! The other day I found myself making sure the cashier "accidentally" grazed my hand when handing me my change. How desperate is that? :(

Well that's a good way to light up a guys day. It's amazing what a little touch can do for someone that needs it. :)