It is a lonely life when you have been married as long as I have. I am a very sensual women and my husband no longer can satisfy my desires and needs. Everyone meet that wants to become friends back away because of him. He is very controlling and militant
People tell me I need to leave him or put up with this behavior
when you have continued in this pattern for as long as I have, you are afraid.
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2 Responses Nov 27, 2012

Fear is a very normal and natural feeling. But it can control your life in bad ways. I think you have probably lost your self confidence by living with such a man. I encourage you to seea therapist regularly to help you rediscover the old "you" - the real you!

You can tell your husband you are seeing a therapist because you are "depressed" - which is the truth! No-one can live a life like your's and NOT e depressed.

Search narcissistic personality disorder and passive aggressive personally and you will most likely find some solid answers as to who he may be. It will give you some insight on how to deal with it.

Of course leaving is the easiest and at your age why stay? He loves to abuse you. Get some therapy and stay on this site. You will grow strong.