A 25th Anniversary Story

So, today I wake up to an Anniversary card. There is apparently nobody else he would rather share his love and life with than me. Of course it was a pre-printed card, he'd never actually write or say that himself. But its true. He would never have found another woman to put up with the pain and hurt the way I have for 25 years.

Two days ago I told him I had found some amazing articles that were like a huge lightbulb going off in my head. I told him I saw myself, him and our marriage in them, and that they resonated with me like crazy. I said I'd like him to read them, and as usual in these circumstances, he got the pissed off face. But he said "yeah I'll read them" though of course he didn't want to. So I asked him if he would like me to get them now. He said in the cranky, annoyed voice "NO, not tonight, I'm exhausted". Two days later, there has been no mention of the articles.

I am going away in a few days. I am going to talk to him the day before. Give him the articles, and tell him that I am no longer willing to live his parents marriage, to be forced to play by his rules, and to be miserable any longer. He can either step up, and find himself in those articles and get real help for the first time, or we have to separate. And while I'm with my family overseas, maybe I will find myself again. I hope so.

Wish me luck.
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Good Luck with that. Just a word of advice stick to your guns and follow through with your threat of seperation if he doesnt change.

Failure to do so will signall to him that he can do what he wants and no consequences will be forthcoming.

Stay Strong & Good luck

Can you please share those articles with us?

I did. Its under a post called "Like looking into the mirror of my marriage" posted by me about a week or so ago. You can find it in the 'I live in a Sexless Marraige' forum. Fantastic articles.

Take me with you, I need to find myself as well, and of all things in a different country! Hooray for you best of luck!

Dear Mr toolatetoapologise,I hope your are gathering a lot of information from reading here at you missus' invitation. though I would imagine that you are not enjoying what you are reading too much.If you are not prepared to go "all in" on your relationship, with you BOTH getting your essential needs met, then what would be your attitude to bringing about a situation where you could both persue your individual goals in life, amicably ?baz.

Wishing you the best of luck.

It would do you no harm to consult a lawyer and make sure you have a viable exit plan, in case you need to pull ALL the cards...best of luck!

Good luck. Enjoy your trip.

Good luck!

good luck