What To Ask For Come Christmas

I was reading on here time back and somebody made a reference to a male sex toy called a Fleshlight.

I searched it and sounds like a pretty effective alternative to self gratification.

Well I am thinking that I am going to ask my wife for one for Christmas and I do not want to open it until her family has opened all there gifts first!

Alljackedup Alljackedup
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4 Responses Nov 28, 2012

Baz you got it right! Maybe I can just tell the fam that I have a Pearl Necklace I'm working on for the wife! Get over here Hun! This damn doll has me a ready to provide the best damn gift you will ever receive from me from now on!

Well hey all I have to get busy working on that exit plan! Till next time! Witch will be soon.

OMG I had never heard of that, so I Googled it. (Keep in mind I was a naive, sheltered virgin till 21). Boy I got a surprise! Not with the product, but with the website. Feel like I just looked at ****. Gotta go wash my eyes out. LOL=)

Get a blow up doll.
Sweep all the **** off the christmas table at the crucial moment, chuck the doll on said table and **** it. Vigorously. Being sure to shoot plenty of **** over the xmas pudding.
I am sure this will cause the family to offer up a standing ovation and write large your name in the family history.
You will become an instant legend. Forever more, any lull in a conversation will be filled by - "remember when uncle AJU ****** that blow up doll ??"

Tread your own path.

...no exit plan. I'm sure you have a bathroom or a bedroom with a locking door in the house. I've always wanted to get one, but never have.