Things Are Improving.

I've written about the issues with my wife. We had the talk, and have been working on things, and as I posted, yesterday was good.  Today was better.

Evidently while I was away diving she had some discussion with her gyno, is getting tuned up physically, and also purchased a vibrator.  I was surprised when she pulled it out today.  I was very, very, happy that she wanted to explore using it.  Well, of course things ended up with me worshiping at the altar of her womanhood and after pleasing her we spooned and I used the vibrator while inside her.  OMFG!  This is the first time in a long time that we did not need lubricant and feeling her ****** was wonderful!

Progress at last!  It has been a long road, but I think my being sanguine about consequences was the push to actually work on issues damaging our intimacy.  I still have issues, but when I feel desired by her, those are starting to recede.
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It is so good to feel desired!

It is a pity that sister AwakeForTheDance wasn't able to leave her stories up, the ones that cover the period where all seemed to be well.
It would be good reading material for you, particularly if read in context with her recent story.

I'd urge caution, but I also figure the endorphins a good blow out provide will over ride that.

Tread your own path.

Thanks, bazzar. Physical, mental, and sexual progress is a milestone my wife and I discussed. Yep, feeling giddy does override a lot of negative and I need to keep our agreement focused.

wishing you well, and stay positive...

I hope for your sake she keeps up the change and doesn't revert to old behavours once she feels comfortable again.

It is important to nip this behavour in the bud if it resurfaces. Enjoy for now.

Stay Strong & Good Luck

Yea take turns with that thing! Light it up.