Midlife Crisis Seems To Never End For My 50 Year Husband

First it was the drug obsession. Begged and took him to drug counseling sessions only for him to tell the counselor he was "enjoying" himself. Well, he "enjoyed" himself right out of a fabulous job, got caught for theft for feeding his drug habit, has a criminal record making finding a good job again hard and NOW (within a years time) wants me to join him in a new sexual lifestyle (cant even say the word) or he'll just do it without me. Wow-married for 22 years to an ___hole. He wasn't this way in our early years. Now four kids later, a grandson and he still wants to be an idiot. What to do? I'm thinking after the holidays are over, it will be time to make a new start. Getting on my financial feet and moving on. Just can't believe how insane this guy has become!
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1 Response Nov 28, 2012

On the bare bones of what you have written I could only totally endorse your theoretical plan.

You'd do well to work your arse off on the finer detail of the plan NOW so you have it executable "after the holidays".

Tread your own path.