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I just read about this in another story on EP. There is a device that "gets a woman ready".
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Part of the frustration for me in my sexual relationship, was that he got his and I didn't get mine, so it did pique my interest.

What do y'all think about using something like this? Good idea or bad idea?

I would rather the guy get to know me so well that he could turn me on and off at the flick of a switch, but I'm not hating the idea of this device if it works.
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Well what I'm a thinking is that even if it works, it lacks intimacy. I think if a guy has to resort to devices like this, he's either really not that into women or just plain lazy.

Can certainly understand your frustration if you have been stuck with an ineffective, or non existent partner as you have for years.
I would have to caution you though if it worked the way it says they could charge much, much more and be sold out in a matter of days just on EP. They would not have to ever pay for advertisement. I would put it in the same category as hair restorer for men. :)

I found the article funny...was just passing it along for discussion.

I believe if one enjoys it and nobody gets hurt then why not? I would truly like to have woman that wanted me..... I think my voyeur self would want to watch ....LOL.

you might have more luck with the Sybian (google the word).

I've never heard of this device that you provided the link for.

The best sex organ is the human mind. The trick is to find a guy interested in YOUR pleasure (and your ******) first. Only one in 10,000 tongues can both curl up at the end, and also form a tube.

Really? Mine do tmi? maybe ;)

I have a very facile tongue as well. Seldom get to use it, tho.

No, not TMI. Thank you !!

Can you switch yourself on? Can you reach the pick and come? If yes, you can certainly direct your partner if you know what to expect and how long it can take.... If not... you did not make your research yet... Only IMHO...

Stick with the scented candles.

Tread your own path.


It's 'old-hat' amongst fetishists. If you know anything about TENS devices or Slendertone (is that a US brand?) then in theory it should work, BUT I might have doubts about this particular device. PLEASE don't ask me how I know this BUT:

Curiosity is a fine thing is it not? As long as it doesn't lose you one of your nine lives. I hasten to add I have never tried it but that's not to say I wouldn't. Make what you will of THAT.

I'm obviously not in the know. :) I did take a peek at the link. lol

I don't know about this device. The story looks a little spammy and I would be surprised if it works that well that it isn't all over the mainstream media. The story was from 2+ years ago already.

I think the problem is the sexual partner, not that you need a device to help you enjoy sex. If you are with the right person he will WANT you to enjoy sex with him. He might insist. He might insist MANY times over and over. If you are with someone who is selfish in the bedroom, move on. He will end up selfish elsewhere too. If you are with someone who after getting to know your body for a little while hasn't quite figured out how to bring you pleasure and it's just a sexual partner, not a relationship... well what's the point of that then? If he just hasn't quite figured you out but you're in deep with him and a relationship is blossoming then I would say get to know your own body a bit more. After going through the SM there's a lot of physical rediscovering to do as well as emotional/mental.

The first sex partner I had after the marriage ended was a great guy and a good lover. He didn't know my body immediately but listened to what I said I liked and I learned I also liked his style. It took some time. It was a relationship, I did love him if not in love with him so it was worth it to stick that out and find the happy spot where we not only made it work, we made it fireworks. We have to figure each other out and when you've been sexless a while that is harder to do at first.

I say keep looking for the right sex partner or if this is relationship material, then keep working together to make that better.

For the record, I thought your title was quite clever here. Made me laugh. :-)

Yes, I thought it looked spammy...but also thought it would make for an interesting discussion.