Newlywed With Sexless Marriage

I am 23. Been married to my husband for almost 3 years. We have two kids one being his step daughter the other being his blood son. Im a stay at home mom. For the last year i have felt alone. We only have sex 3 times a month if that. I have talked to him about it and he just says im sorry and that he will make it better and he does but its only for one nite and then it goes back to the same way. I dont know what else i can do. Im at the point were i want a divorce. I love him with all my heart but i dont wont a sexless marriage i want to be happy again
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3 Responses Nov 29, 2012

We've seen this here before, but ask yourself: any chance he's with you because you are wiling to be his full-time nanny/babysitter/maid?

you may love him to pieces, but it takes two. Go find someone who will love you - for you - the way you deserve to be loved.

First, honey, even though three times a month should be more like three times a
week, or at your age, three times a day, you do not have it that bad. That said, if you are 23 and at least somewhat attractive (maybe a 3 or 4 out of 10), you want action every night, and you are still not getting it, dump him. Follow the advice above- dump him before you get pregnant and stuck.

Do you happen to know why his previous missus gave him the arse ? I'd be betting that it was for the same issue you are facing.

Until such time as you get this dysfunctional situation resolved, DON'T ENGAGE IN ANY BREEDING with the dude.

If, as seems probable, you need to get out, it will be far simpler without a kid belonging to you both.

You say you are at the point of wanting a divorce. Go see a lawyer in your jurisdiction so you are armed with some facts, upon which you can make an informed choice.

Tread your own path.