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Full disclosure; I am not married. I do, however, live with an ex-wife and her child. (It's complicated, but she is a widow.)
Curious regarding how many have "given up"; beyond looking elsewhere, or who are still trying to change things.
Maybe I have "been there and done that" , but then again, do I really know what I am missing....

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1 Response Nov 30, 2012

I am one of the ones who tried everything to fix my marriage but my husband used every excuse in the book to not have sex with me. In 2008, while he was in the throws of an affair, I had one with a friend of his. He found out and well he has been sleeping on the couch and throwing it in my face ever since. I stopped seeing the person I had the affair with but nothing changed in my marriage. I gave up and am in the midst of a divorce. I found someone (with whom I have a similar back ground, similar values, mutual admiration, love, trust, honesty and respect and to top it all off the same views on sex) who was my friend for 2 years (purely platonic) and then we fell in love. I grew tired of being the scapegoat for everything and only having sex 5 times with my husband in almost 12 years (when I am someone who wants it everyday) is just inhumane. My husband had a rough life but he chooses to be a victim and I am not willing to put up with that anymore! Divorce was my only option. Hopefully by February, my divorce will be final and I can rid myself of the old and move on. Good luck to you!

"Music is to the soul as true sensuality reverberates." - there is beauty around us and in those who channel it; unrelated but wanted to say thanks..