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Though rather simplistic, in my opinion. The comments are interesting, however: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/12/02/opinion/sunday/new-love-a-short-shelf-life.html?src=recg&_r=0.

To me it's just yet another nail of monogamy. Everyone wants and needs variety! And if you are honest and open about it, and collaborate on how to achieve it, I don't see a problem.
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I don't think this says much about monogamy (as in long-term exclusive sexual relationships), and comes across as a bit just-so. Perhaps it depends somewhat on our expectations of what monogamy and happiness will be like, and whether those expectations serve us well.

I fear we are also understandably jaundiced when judging what monogamy is like for others, clearly it can also be good and tremendously happy and satisfying long term - as I now have. And that goes way beyond the initial NRE.

What does seem clear is that happiness (statistically) takes a dive when raising kids - as per the saying parenting is a disatisfaction business. I suspect this is true whether in a long-term monogomous relationship or not.

I partly agree after finally breaking my own monogamy after 3 SEXLESS years... Though all my life I was a very strong believer in absolute faithful monogamy... I read many similar articles before. All of them (IMHO) telling about relatively stable and satisfactory relationship there partners having enough of sex/intimacy and quickly enough become quite bored... But I thought in reality hard working couple have so overwhelming life- work, studying,hobbies, kids... It is all- rush, rush, rush... You hardly have time to spend with each other... So I never really could understand how people can be out of passion so quickly...