If Only Karma Was Real

I am not religious and think it is only a palliative to dull the ache and uncertainty of our journey through life. But sometimes a concept seems to be apt.

I have learned a life lesson; never marry a woman who does not initiate sex.  It took Karma 33 years to teach me this.  What a shame that the other aspect of that idea is not real and gives me another chance to demonstrate the wisdom of a lesson learned.

Yep - Karma's a *****.
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3 Responses Dec 4, 2012

I thought everything was going fine now. Kharma can come from your own hand as well.

Stay Strong & Good Luck

Are you planning on picking up another dud after this scenario plays out ??

Tread your own path.


Then I'd suggest that Karma IS in play here.
Whether you are open to the pretty clear signals Karma is sending you is another question.

Yes. We get ourselves in so deep with the relationship that we are owned by the situation until such a time that we feel that we can throw away a life that ended up in the crapper by our refuser!

That thing about not marrying a woman that does not initiate sex, that's a pearl of wisdom, good share!