Stuck Between A Rock And A Hard Place

though i'm not technically married I am in a relationship (almost 20 years). I hear stories of guys who are able to pickup and date tons of women. I wish I knew and could do that. How guys are able to dump one today, in bed with another one tomorrow. Guys complain about going a month, 2 or three without $ex... try years..... (no offence)
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I feel your pain brother. I too have gone years without sex while listening to the guys around me complaining about going a few months, or even just a few weeks, without getting some strange. I have watched these guys wondering how they do it. I don't know how these guys can hook up so easily, especially since they are usually ******. What do women see in them? I wish I had the same easy nature with women. I truly understand how you feel.

I decided I would not cheat on my wife...But...since I've been finished with trying to make it work, I've managed to set up a few coffee dates with guys that were at least not hazardous to my of which I boinked a couple of times VERY happily.<br />
I am now seeing one lady and she's a keeper. Now I want to find a guy equally enthusiastic about me.<br />
Free internet personals! YAY!<br />
...Note, the one guy who tried talking dirty to me got blocked. Even if you are have to wait until trust has been established!<br />
<br />
( I am giving being openly polysexual/polyamorous a try, since monogamous marriage turned out to be so dreadful.)

There is a tint in this that suggests the cosmos owes you - because you have been without intimate expression "for years" where-as other persons are less deserving of cosmic intervention because they have only been without intimate expression for "a couple of months".

There is NO cosmic intervention. None. Nada. Zip.

These persons of whom you speak who "dump this one then pick up that one" do not achieve these results by sitting on their arse. They get out and DO something.

Whether what they do is particularly laudable is another matter - but the lesson "DO something" is still there to learn.

You will not resolve your situation by sitting on your arse. You need to "DO something". And, what you decide to DO needs to be based on informed choice.

What do you actually want to DO ??

Tread your own path.

no offence but women dont seem to like nice guys, women seem to be attracted to ******. major difference between me and many guys out there is I'll help you if you are down, while others kick you while you are down.....

sadly I've never picked up a girl or dated another girl (i've been with other women if that makes sense). I been witht he same one for almost 20 years...and I choose to stay as she always tells me. i know i do, the problem is there's a poor child in the picture....

I agree with you on that. chivalry doesn't exist any more these days....

Kudos, EIT, for telling it like it is...

TRD, EIT is NOT talking about chivalry . . .!

texas i could not of said it better .thank you

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I totally feel your pain. even if I wanted to . . . I would have no idea of how to just pick up guys. I have always been shy and somehow I've been told that many guys are too intimidated to ask me out.

but I could never bring myself to cheat -even though hubby probably deserves to be cuckholded lol

you are in company!

hmmm, I guess MissLee.... :o)

You "guess?" Apparently you haven't read many stories around here or aren't paying attention. You should. You are far from unique in your situation, and many people have been sexless far longer than you .

No offense taken. You will find that many men and women here have endured not just years, but sometimes decades sexless. YMMV.

didn't mean to offend... just speechless....

Yup. Just began 17th year of no intercourse with my husband. I'm not unique here, either.

iv been in two sexless long term/r so all together 14 years here