Sexless For Years To Sex Crazed Lovers. True Story!

Hubby and I share this account. This is my side of the story.....We married 21 years ago. My messed up childhood, crazy mother, absent father, low self esteem, sexual abuse and chronic depression all led to our sexless marriage. My coping method, antidepressants. Prozac. Took it for years and years. Prozac KILLS YOUR SEX DRIVE. About a year ago, after trying different drugs. I was given Welbutrin HCL. The Dr. didn't mention the side effects, but they became apparent soon enough. Welbutrin increases libido and ability to get off in some people. I'm one of them. Hallelujah praise the Lord! The other factors that have contributed to our "sexual renaissance" are varied and I will go into detail if anyone is interested. I feel so many emotions toward my husband I don't think I can begin to express them here. But I want to try anyway, so here goes....he loved me through it all, he tried so hard to hide his anger and hurt. Truthfully I had no idea how bad it was. I do now. This causes me great heartbreak and misery. Sometimes it hurts so bad. I love him so much, I never meant to hurt him. I just had no sexual feelings. None. I wouldn't get turned on by anything. I started avoiding touching him. I didn't want him to think I wanted sex. This went on for years. Last fall I started Welbutrin to try to quit smoking. It didn't work. I still smoke. However it made me want to have sex. My husband got me a Kindle Fire for Christmas. It was so liberating to read and search without worrying if my daughters would find something untoward in the history. I started reading erotica and searching sexual side effects of Welbutrin. My husband also confessed to getting an ED prescription at his last physical. The combination was perfect. Me wanting it, him feeling confident. We've had more sex since then than we did in the past 20 years.
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I will take what your wife says at face value...I don't see any reason why not...and don't believe that having join account where both of you can express yourself to the group puts your credibility into question...but that not the reason for my reply.

Reading your reply on another post is what caught my attention New Year Resolution

Late Nov. my wife went in to see a Psychiatrists under the advice of our family doctor.
I went in with her to discuss several issues that my wife was having...allowing her to do most of the talking. The subject of sex, or the lack of sex came up.

The psychiatrists, a female, ask my wife what she was taking for her depression only to find out the the anti-depression medication she was taking was affecting her sex drive.
very much like your wife no interest in wife even didn't like hug her mother or sister when she visit them.

My wife was given Welbutrin HCL and the middle of last month (Dec) her psychiatrists double her dosage. I have seen improvement in her mood and waiting to see how the new medication well affect her sex drive....which the psychiatrists said it would help bring back her sex drive but have to give it some time.

Your wife's story her is a encouraging sign that possibly help has arrived and it now a wait and see.

Glad to hear about you success and definitely gives me hope that there is a light at the in of the tunnel.

<p>If, as you say, you are sharing an account with your husband, your credbility is in question at the jump. People will never be able to tell whether you are genuinely saying what you feel or writing what you want the other party to read. Or whether it is husband writing purporting to be you.</p><p>But thanks for the heads up. It will save me some reading.</p><p>Tread your own path.</p>

The story was from my wife - This is the H responding.

I don't understand what about her story affects her/our credibility, and I'm not sure why anyone would waste the time to write such a heart felt story from a deceitful position.

And, it's true, I guess we can't know if anyone can know if ANY poster is who they say they are, but, I guess we give people the benefit of the doubt, or this website wouldn't exist. I will assume that you are who you say you are, although you could be anyone!

I have looked at several of your other postings, and I'm sorry that your experience has left you so bitter that you are not able to believe that such a reversal is possible. You seem to have a very pessimistic point of view ( which, having been where you are, I totally understand ). I hope one day, you and your spouse will be able to achieve what we now have.

We are only trying to offer hope to others - because for some, their situation can and will change. I know from experience brother. If we can help one couple climb out of the depths of a sexless marriage, it is worth facing any skepticism that we may encounter.

Mate, suit yourself about how you use the boards. All I am doing is pointing out the obvious.
There was a post here from some chick "hotredhead" or similar quite recently. It attracted a number of responses. Then s/he revealed it was a joint input thing. Next story got one response I think (story seems to have been deleted now) as no-one could 'trust' who of the two was writing what, and whether it was just self serving bullshit.

Love you Princess ;)