Lost Kiss

My husband and I were married 9 years ago and are in our early forties. Our lovelife was sweet in the beginning. Both of us live each other. However I noticed early that he was never fully out to make sure that we were both satisfied. Over the past four yeArs we have gone from weekly to biannually. I am not sure if vasectomy played a role. But his interest decreased significantly.
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Could be just his age? When I hit 45 or so my testosterone went from really high down to nothing. You loose a lot of drive and energy. He may want to have it checked. I work out at the gym several days a week now and I do a weekly shot of Testosterone. It does wonders.

Yea....they said men decreases and women increases....but I believe he can still have it......is he stressed with life or something?

Subtext seems to read that the sex was never fully engaged, was actually pretty one sided and now is also as rare as rocking horse ****.

But, it does NOT seem - yet - that this is a dealbreaker for you.

Dysfunctional marriages do seem to have to get to dealbreaker status before anyone will do anything it seems, unfortunately.

See you when it DOES reach dealbreaker importance for you.

Tread your own path.

Vasectomy doesn't do anything to urge.... trust me. Wish I could tell you what was doing it. I know holding your feelings in doesn't help anything, so it's not like it'll get worse if you let him know how you feel (which you may have already done).

I doubt the vasectomy had anything to do with your decline in sexual activity. I don't know the dynamics of your marriage. However based on what you said in your post, it's likely that you never had that great of a sex life to begin with. The question for you now is whether or not this is what you want for the rest of your life.