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Most of us here complain everyday about not getting sex however we are literally fu...cked every day. Were Mind Fuc..ked.

Altough this is not the type of we had in mind we are continously and mercilessly Mind Fu...cked by our Refusive Partners.

We are subjected to some cruel mind tricks that would make even the most strongest of Jedi proud.

Lets focus on some. If only you cleaned the house more i would be more willing to have sex with you. So whether male or female the refused goes on a cleaning frenzy motivated by the dangling carrot of sex. Both Refusive sexes use this cruel tactic and most often it is used to ensure a manipulated partner becomes the house slave in the cleaning department. If any sex was to be forth coming after cleaning the house i would happilly volunteer all cleaning duties to myself on a weekly basis. But alas there is more chance of winning lotto than recieving sex after a hard days cleaning.

Or how about the mind where our refusers promise sex that evening. This promise is usually made when the Refuser knows you are bordering on having a whinge or rocking the boat so they need something to temporarily shut you up with. What better shut up tool than the promise of sex that evening.

Deep down you know not to believe it but you still cant help yourself counting the hours and butterflies in your stomach for bedtime to finally arrive so you can have that elusive roll in the sack. And sure enough as night time falls so does the sudden onset of a mysterious illness that was previously undiagnosed and symptom free all up until an hour before bed. This sudden illnes is so debiletating that your Refusive Spouse is rendered nearly unconcious or is in absolute pain somewhere in their body that seems to succombe to many injuries and illnesses. Sure enough sex is cancelled for that night with the promises of a raincheck. Problem there is the raincheck doesn't have an expiry date so when sex will occur is an indefinate mystery.

Also all suggestions made by you for them to visit a doctor given that they are constantly sick or in pain somehwhere in some cases as chronic or acute pain which has lasted years are promptly dismissed and laughed at.

And Finally in my opinion the cruelest of Mind Fu..cks is the never ending excuses we all so know and love. We could write a book about them. They include the Headache, The Tooth Ache, The Kids Will Hear, I have work tomorrow, i am mad at you, The dog is looking, i cant sleep after sex as it stimulates me, I'm on my period (which seems to be going into its third week straight now) My back ache, You left the toilet seat up, You over cooked dinner, you never do anything for me, (Despite you doing it all) etc etc.

Feel free to add to the excuses you've heard or recieved. At the very least it should make a good laugh.

Stay Strong & Good Luck

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I dont work, but i m physical disabled, and been told by goodwill i am a libality to hire.

If he just give me a hint, he wants sex, but its hard to when he yells and nags at me all the time. Sure i want more sex, but why cant i do the start it first?

I would add the "You Do Nothing" mindf*ck. Whatever you do is invisible to them. They never saw it, they don't remember it. Even worse, after encouraging you to do the chore so they can have sex with you, they claim you did it only because you have the ulterior motive of having sex. You weren't really sincere, so no sex.

My advice to you brother Panda do nothing at all for her. And stop supporting her financially. She has made her position clear to you and you should do the same. Relegate her to Roomate Status and tell her so.

What is Roomate Status? Roomsates share a house sleep in seperate rooms and divide bills and expenses evenly.

That's why I opened my own bank account.

So True and so liked!

The way I see this is that both partners in a marriage should be taking responsibility for cleaning the house and for taking care of the children. Yes, there may be squabbles over how much and how from time to time. And one partner may be great at cooking - so does almost all of the cooking - and another partner cleans the kitchen after, etc. etc. One partner may bring in most of the money and work outside the home and therefore more of the household duties might fall on the other. But in a marriage where one partner is refusing to carry their weight - it's almost as bad as refusing to have sex. It's another way of saying "I don't give a crap about this marriage, I don't care about your needs."

I'm not a tidy person by nature, I admit. But I always (until this year) worked and earned MORE than my husband. I always did all the cooking and all the 'messy cleaning'. Drain clearing, major cleans, etc etc. He always complained that the table wasn't clear but then got up immediately after dinner and went off on his own leaving his own plate on the table. He always refused to do general tidy of toys, etc - because our child made the mess, it was the mother's job to pick it up. If I had been getting regularly f'ed - as you say - I probably would have put up with it with little complaint...

When I complained about never getting oral sex, he told me if I didn't leave any clothes on the floor for a YEAR he'd try to give me oral, but no promise that he'd actually be able to go through with it. I knew and he knew that I was pretty much incapable of that.

wtf? Spotless home=oral sex? I think I would keel over laughing if someone said that to me now. Who knows how I would have reacted a couple of years ago. Goes to show how years of mind-******* manipulation screw up our perspective....

yeah, I know - crazy isn't it?

Elk, please write a book once you are out!!! I would pre-order a copy!

I put my clothes in the clothes basket pretty much all of the time in the past few years. Didn't get me any oral action though. My wife *never* put her mouth anywhere near my d1ck throughout almost all of our marriage, she said it was demeaning (before marrying, in the first few months of our relationship, I once - and only once - woke up to a morning bj from her), oh, and by-the-bye most sexual positions were demeaning too. Weirdly enough however, she s#cked me off in one of the final acts of reset sex. So I got two, one at the beginning of the relationship and one at the end of - kind of symmetrical...

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