Hubby and I had fun, romantic, amazing sex last night. We enjoyed each other's closeness, he actually was the one who pursued me...we laughed and kidded around afterward like the old days. The glow lasted well past the morning...unfortunately, this was just the vivid dream I had. At least my subconscious self is having a sex life with the man she loves. Funny thing, I felt the similar glow when I woke up as if it had been the real thing. I wanted to joke and laugh and touch him. Makes me so sad.
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That's sad, happens to me also. I see other people happy together. Kiss. And it makes me cry.

Just out of interest, he claimed to be getting pro-active about tests and suchlike back on 26th November.
Did any of that get off the ground ?

Tread your own path.

Yeah, he had all the tests. Hasn't gotten anything back yet. (So he says.)

well on the heel of that are the ones where he ****** you off in your dream and you make up mad at him --

I have those towards my wife - I think I am insane. I am insane. Ugh


Ouch! Damn dream world!!