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Been having more intimate dreams at night. Seems like over the past six months I dream of having sex at least twice a week (husband is not always there, lol). Previously, that may occur once a month or less. Altho I can suppress most of these thoughts and desires during the day, my mind is in overdrive while I'm sleeping. Some believe that dreams do not necessarily fit the obvious interpretation. What do you think??? And have you noticed an increase in this slumber fantasizing too??
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I have those dreams all the time, and now they never have my wife in them. I seem to always wake up, realize that it was just a dream, and go back to sleep sad and disappointed. To comment on how the dreams would be if I had an actual sexual relationship with my wife would be more delusion than dream. In that state between awake and asleep, I frequently dream of a friend of mine though. Much more realistic dreams.

I definitely have noticed a correlation between lack of sex during waking hours with an uptick in erotic dreams. Since I only "get some" when she's feeling generous I must be somehow making up for it in my dreams....

I have sex dreams all the time.. Wake myself up with them.. Then realize is just a dream and back to sleep I go...

I don't tend to dream about sex much (though I did last night). But goodness, I think about it all the time. Too much. Not usually in a healthy - I'm gonna get me some kinda way - but in a frustrating way...

Wow, well said! All day long I think about that which I cannot have. It is constant torture. I find it akin to being extremely thirsty or hungry with no hope of refreshment.

Must all be dependent on brain wiring I reckon.

When in my SM back in the day I rarely dreamed about sex.

Nowadays, in my relationship with the lovely ms enna, I quite often have sex dreams.

Tread your own path.

During my SM, oh my gosh YES. Through the roof... at the beginning of the separation as well. They trailed off somewhat when I got into a relationship and had decently regular sex.

And now that it's a regular event and full of passion and all the things I wanted to have in my marital bed, I don't have to think about sex much, daytime or nighttime. Instead I just have sex and heart, brain and body are all satisfied.

The cure is sex. The problem is no sex.

Definitely. I had a very realistic and vivid dream last night. It wasn't anything wild or kinky, just fun, romantic sex with my husband like we used to have. I enjoyed it at the time, and woke up with the same "glow" I would have if it had been the real thing, but that quickly faded into a desolate sadness that I'm reduced to this.