We Havent Even Gotten To Our Second Anniversay And Already Lack Of Sex!!

I meet my husband in college at the time I was 17 and he was 25 we dated and the sex was more than perfect, we got married and move in together I got pregnant and we where still having sex less than before but atleast we were intimate after my son was born lack of sex arrived to our marriage I'm constantly touching him n begging him for sex pretty much, I wear sexy lingerie for him and I'm open to anything not even with that he Will have sex with me and is affecting me, I'm very grumpy and mad at him, I know he isn't cheating on me or ************ to much to have lack of sex, I'm tired of it I have talked to him previously n he admited in the past that he was just lazy and that he will change and is been the same even worse that now he has a full time job but he gets home at 5pm and still he won't touch me I'm just 20 years old and he is just 28, and I miss being desired by him, I love him very much but I dont know how long I can deal with it.
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Find someone who is truly lazy enough to want to take time out from "WORK" to have "SEX".
WTF is he doing that is more relaxing and fun anyways?

Honey, LEAVE him. He is not a husband to you. He is a DRONE. And a drone without a sex drive. Please stop wasting your precious youth on this waste of space.

Good grief, I'm out of breath after reading that.

yeah, I'm with Baz on this one. Read lots, tons of wisdom here.

One little thing I've learned...

" No one should EVER have to beg for affection, it's demeaning. stop. "

There is no back story to put this one in context, and no actual question either.

So I'll just suggest that you read extensively in here with a view to getting a handle on exactly what you are dealing with.

I'll just forewarn you that you are highly unlikely to like what you read.

Tread your own path.