I Don't Live In A Sexless Marriage And I Hope And I Pray For You And Your Spouses To Fix Yours.

We use to have a lousy sex life - real lousy. We fought about it. I wanted more - a lot more. it took years of working on it, arguing about it, fighting about it but i was stubborn and eventually things improved step by step. Now we have marital relations each and EVERY morning and it is about as good as I have ever dreamed it could be. Oh and my Darling Wife - it was HER idea to step it up from every other day to every day - How I love her.
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You won the lottery. Congratulations.

Read it again very carefully and don't gloss over the beginning with the ending - I did not win the lottery but I had a pretty good idea what it was supposed to look like. I worked at it, was very stubborn, got some cooperation and kept working at it - and let me assure you that the end result - is worth what it took to get here.