Want...they Dont Know It!

Ok. I work for a medium sized family owned business, and like alot of businesses the office has women workin, well i like to visit and chat them up! I have grown close to one of the ladies, she is a bit younger but never the less, i drop little hints all the time! Had a few close huggs and after work drinks, problem is i really want her,......... so should i tell her or just keep it as is? The other problem is i am in a sexless relationship!
jeepnjohn jeepnjohn
36-40, M
2 Responses Dec 7, 2012

My opinion is do what u think is right, but if you do descide to go after the co-worker, be honest with your partner no matter what you descide. If the other woman makes you happy go for it, just don't cheat, it's a horrible feeling. good luck, interested to kno what u do. I do not judge, i'm here for the same reason as everyone else to talk things out.

Ill keep y'all posted! Not sure which road to take,

John..........Its been a year. Have a boy or girl ?

Sort out, or blow up, the sexless relationship you are in, then do what you ******* like.

Tread your own path.

Hmmm. Tread i shall! Thnx bzzr!