Been Gone A While

Can't really remember why I haven't been on here for so long. I think maybe a couple nights of really great sex made me think I didn't need it anymore, and then... I really don't know what happened. Anyway, in the time since I've done a lot of doing without and had a little bit of really lousy sex, which pretty much blows any hope I ever had that things would get better. At this point, I consider my marriage not only sexless, but loveless and lifeless as well. He's more like an inconsiderate roommate who doesn't pay his share of the rent or do his share of the housework than a real husband. I often ask myself why I'm still with him, and never have a good answer. Yet here I stay.
Arolea Arolea
3 Responses Dec 7, 2012

August 31st 2008 you first posted.

4 years+ of evidence has amassed, you are still there.

You obviously require a VERY exacting standard of proof.

Tread your own path.

you said both "a couple of nights of really great sex" and then lousy sex...are you sleeping with more than one person?

Not even sleeping with one person anymore.

Have you considered therapy?
I learned that I am co dependent and it has been the root of my proublem with leaving.

Learn all you can about yourself you can and encourage your H to do the same and then some couple counseling.