Guess I Dont Care Anymore

Normaly i always the one who remembers birthdays etc in my mariage but last week wife called me at work to see if i was taking her out to supper i said why what the ocassion she said our anniversery, I completey forgot told her go on with your sister i will take you out at a later date. It bothered me then as it dawned on me we live together in same house talk little never touch and I dont care anymore I have lost it.
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Brother, been there / am there. Why don't you try something different? Why not try opening your heart to her, and say what's hurting you so bad. Maybe it's the same thing that's hurting her. You've got to communicate through all that loneliness and pain, and it really isn't easy. Just talking from personal expreience here, and I ain't there yet. It isn't just sex. It's so much more, and she ain't listening ... not at the moment. Remind her who you are.

A bit over a year ago, you penned a story "Close To Breaking" in which you wondered how much longer you could tolerate your shithole marriage.

Clearly the answer to that was "at least another 12 months".

Don't forget next years anniversary, or the one after that.

Tread your own path.

i find it interesting that
if thought about...
most of us can identify one or more defining moments...when we had the awareness...
this isn't working anymore.....
those moments are quite
joyinthejourney, clg

It's done, stick a fork in it.

Yup, remembering anniversaries is just asking for heartache IMHO.