Horny But No Desire

Last night I was horny as hell, my wife was next to me, but I didn't feel the desire to start anything.
I wish she had started something. She never starts anyhting. I f I start she will not refuse, but I wish for once that she be the one pursuing it.
I wanna **** most all the time,,,,like I sqaid she will n ot refuse me, and I know she enjoys it, but she never starst anything....I have ask her and she never answers me.
thats why i have my head full of all these fantasies, about young girls, and older women, and gay, and ***** and *****...
Pedroelbellaco Pedroelbellaco
51-55, M
2 Responses Dec 8, 2012

Things are on the improve for you.

Your April story was a lament that your missus wouldn't even suck you off, now - "she will n ot refuse me"


I understand. except my hubby DOES reject me. no use in trying communication. you say it - Oh I have tried it. all the rejection and bs has left me with NO desire for my hubby.
BUT i think about sex all the time and get "restless" especially at night.

but of course hubby doesn't know that because he rarely comes to bed when I'm awake, and when he does, he makes sure to sleep AWAY from me.