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I am an older male who lives in a sexless marriage, not by choice however because I still feel the urge to have sex but my wife doesn’t have those feelings. So how do I overcome this situation? I have 2 female cyber friends who I contact by email and we tell each other all about our feelings and describe how we overcome them. We have exchanged naked pictures of ourselves and we each write about our previous sex life, describing in detail our actions and feelings as we had sex. We found each others stories to be very arousing which naturally resulted in mutuak ************ which we also described in our follow-up letters. Of course this doesn’t make up for the lack of actual sex but it helps so has anybody else solved their problem in this way?
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I have, but don't find it satisfying. Seemed awkward. And never realized how seldom I'm alone until then--seemed someone in the family is always around. But it seems like a good idea-just never really worked for me.

For me it was the real thing or nothing. In the end I walked. And the real thing is out there.


I find that I am in a similar situation to you except that my cyber lovers don't seem to be looking for very deep or emotionally rewarding relationships, more that they are content just to dabble on the surface in order to achieve a transient fix.

In the world of cyber relationships it seems to me that the women are outnumbered ten to one by men. Most women find that a cam of a guy sexually pleasuring himself does not evoke immense excitement in her loins. Men, however, just love looking at a woman in any state of undress and are especially interested if she is fondling her breasts or manually arousing herself. This leads to an imbalance where the girls are in great demand so they do not need to bond with any one man as there are another ten equally willing to admire her body and to show her themselves in a state of arousal.

I wish that I could find a woman who needed a loving, caring and sensuous cyber relationship because I feel sure that this would help me so much to relieve the frustration and emptiness of my low level of sexual activity.


It's not a solution, per se. It's a hit of something to take away the pain.

This strategy can have some very unpredictable outcomes - and - note well, not necessarily bad ones.

Tread your own path.