Feeling So Sad, My Tears Are Running Out!

My god i am having a bad lonely long sleepless night. I am so sad and fed up with this life. I feel totally alone. I want to scream,cry and run. I am not brave enough to run. So instead i have had another long night of tears and being on my own.

My life used to be so wonderful. Until i lost my darling husband.

I just want to shut my eyes and never wake up. I can't believe after 10 wonderful years i am now in this situation.

I am sick of being strong, i need someone or something for me. I need some help.

And now i am ranting because i don't know what else to do........

Sorry everyone x
wanthimsobad wanthimsobad
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4 Responses Dec 8, 2012

he has been to the doctor. has testorone checked. i've got him **** rings. we have had sex 4 maybe 5 times.

It is his desire not his drive! i have to admitt i am confused between the difference of drive and desire. hormone test normal!


Thanks for your reply, yes he read on here, he said he would do things to change, he hasn't. suprised, shocked no i am not. Just hurt.

This is what I put on your 11th August 2012 story.
Key issue here is now 'what happens next ?'' Will there be a flurry of activity as he rushes off chasing his "why" ? Beating a path to the Doc's, the Uroligist, the Therapist, the Counseller, the Sex therapist, the Psychologist ??Or is this just another time buying exercise ?You'd do well to run the clock on this.Tread your own path.

You got a great range of responses on your 11th August story that detailed the problems with your boyfiend. (who insinuated himself into your life after the death of your husband)

However, on Nov 7th you wrote that he had been having a read of this board himself and had made all sorts of undertakings to fix things.

I would assume from todays post that his promises, unsurprisingly, didn't have legs.

Those comments on your 11th August story are as valid today as they were then.

Might be worth your while going back and reading them.

Tread your own path.

'I am sick of being strong, i need someone or something for me."
I I were your late husband, I would want you to start living as soon as I left you... not to simply exist and be blown by the wind to the nearest shoulder to lean on...dont be strong for your late husband or your BF be strong for yourself and start living