Trouble In My Marriage

I have been with my husband 15 years but married for 6, my husband suffers from a bad back,I sleep downstairs, we do talk but only about non important things,we don't go out only to work, I'm lost in my boring marriage, we have a child at home and neither of us will leave, I have tried but my son wanted to come back my husband said we can sort things out but nothing has changed, could anyone offer me guidance or just a chat, thankyou for taking the time to read this x
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I feel where your coming from, sadly enough its a hard decision.... one that can only be made by you. When your ready...take a breath...and go..dont dwell on the past...just think of what the future can hold for you.... like bazaar said"tread your path"

If sex is all that's missing try seeking it else where. Many people have a much better marriage when they do if sex is all that's missing. I have a few friends, both male and female, who love their partner and marriage but sex is non existent and have things turn out better by finding a friend or someone to fulfill the missing sexual aspect.

Thankyou bazaar for your reply, I have thought about what went wrong all I can come up with is we do love each other in a strange way,I just need to have a long deep talk as I feel we've got to get things back for our sake as when I the youngest leaves home we will have nothing, but he does not like the things I do plus with a bad back a physical relationship is out of the question to say I'm confused is a understatement I've tried having a affair but couldn't as it felt wrong all our problems go back 15 years when he took me to his ex girlfriends house they chatted like they were still together kissed when we left I told him how I felt but he said she is a nice person, I was pregnant he continued to go and see her behind my back, he told me about there sexlife when my youngest was born he took him around, this has hurt me and I can't get over it,he did end there friendship about a year later but that was too late for me,when we argue I always bring this up, if any one could give me advice I would really appreciate it x

Keep typing. It helps somewhat. If not publicly, then find someone you relate to and continue telling your story. It helps you organize your own thoughts so you can make decisions.

Undertake a full review of when you left the last time.

In hindsight, where did it go wrong ? What were the unforseen difficulties that made the break unsuccessful ? What would you do differently to make the break a success were you to have another go ?

Plug up the holes that attempt #1 revealed, and when you are ready, have a crack at attempt #2.

Tread your own path.

Thankyou to everyone who has responded, I must admit I've got no friends but that's down to me, I work a lot of hours, but I would like friends my interests are theatre, dancing, walking, reading etc

Welcome to the group. Too many of us here. I hope you find someone with some common interests so you can chat.

Start focusing on your own life.. What are your hobbies, where are your friends, go start doing things you like and being with people who like you.. The other stuff about the marriage will come in time and you will be happier whatever happens

Thankyou but somehow I don't think that's going to happen x