The Tale Of The Terrible Painting

Life can be an amazing thing. Hindsight brings us clarity, and occasionally irony. This post is just illustration of the irony of hindsight.

It all began a year ago, at my department’s White Elephant gift exchange.

For those not familiar with the custom, the idea is that you find something at home (preferably without use, ugly, or embarrassing) and repurpose it as a gift. People draw numbers to see in what order they’ll get to choose their present, and can exchange presents with someone else. They’re a blast…easily the funniest event of the year.

So, last year one woman brought in a painting. It was terrible. No, really…it was bad. She revealed that her XH from years earlier painted it after she left him. It was to symbolize his love for her, how much he missed her, etc. This painting was the highlight of the gift exchange…and in the end, it landed right back with its owner. She hung it outside her cubicle - her new husband was happy to see it go, she didn't have the heart to take it back home.

I went home that night and told my (now ex-) husband about it. He thought it was the funniest story ever. It in fact spurred him to start his own White Elephant as his company. He always did get great satisfaction out of others’ pain…but I digress.

Fast forward to this summer. Throughout our entire divorce process, he insisted we attend the baseball games together for which we had season tickets. We habitually met at my workplace, since it is located in the shadow of the ballpark. Every game, he would pull up to the parking spot facing this woman’s cubicle. Every game, he would comment on that painting.

At the end of the baseball season, I asked her if he could have the painting. She was ecstatic to be rid of it. I gave it to him before the last game we attended together.

So a year after this painting first entered our lives…the painting depicting an ex’s grief now hangs at my ex’s house. I’ve seen it. He did hang it. He’s proud of it, and the story that accompanies it. He thinks it’s funny. He loves the irony.

And I am left scratching my head.
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Thank you very much for the picture. You are right it is a white elephant.

I am not sure why the Ex. would hang it. It does reinforce the fact that you made the right decision to get away from that one.

This is funny. But I'm afraid I'm the kinda person that would hang a picture like that...Maybe. Only if it's ironically bad, not just truly god-awful bad.

True story: I dragged a really bad painting across Finland and back to London. It cost more to transport it than to buy it. (Though truth be told, the frame really is worth something) I've come to realise I have a 'thang' for bad art. Probably rebellion, I was raised better. I hung the giant horrible picture in a prominent place. Husband LOVES it. After we split, if he wants it, he can have it. In fact, I hope he wants it. It would make my bad art story even sweeter.

Did your team have a successful season ?

Tread your own path.

Actually, no...but they were very good seats.

Treading like a bat outta hell...

Interesting story.

Now I wish you had a picture of that painting so you could post it with your story.

Well written story.

Out of respect for others' feelings...on the crazy chance that the artist is actually on ep, I'm not posting it.

Thank you, though.

Maybe in a private photo gallery???? I'm dead curious.

Good point. My photo gallery is available to friends only...I'll put 'er there, assuming this poor schmuck isn't a friend of mine.

We are all on the edge of our seats waiting for a glimpse of this now famous painting. I really want to see it.

Then go look at it, silly! You're a friend of mine {nudge}.

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