Sex is your relation KPI

Enjoy every single second. You think it will last forever. It will not. Have sex. When sex is off, marriage is. Do not forget that: sex is the main key performance indicator of your relation. If sex does not work, do not get married. In my wedding-night I had not sex: she did not want. Today we do not live together, we broke up. I recall to have read that 10% of couples have not sex in wedding-night, 90% of them end up in divorce. But you still think that your case will be different? Up to you :)
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No sex attempted at least 15 days prior to our wedding, and three days afterward. (Too many people around, too busy, too tired, same old.) This wasn't unexpected: by the time we got married we knew there were no sparks in bed. So I wasn't very invested in the wedding event. The fourth day after marriage we were in a seaside resort on our own. She was not a virgin when we married. Yet that night I had to abandon ship because she was very dry and tight. I will confess neither of us were sufficiently invested in our sexuality to arrange lubrication ---- what's the point? I have no memory when our next encounter was (definitely after reaching back home). The mind is wonderful at flushing out unpleasant memories.

None here either....
Made excuses for myself etc.
Wife saud "please do not tell anyone I just fell asleep on the sofa"
She knew it was all wrong from the start

Nope. Didn't happen. And we had two wedding nights. (Registry and big blow out). I made excuses to myself both times. He's tired. We had a big day. Stupid. Stupid.

Huge party after my salubrious Registry Office marriage.

Extremely amusing afternoon / evening ensued about which my recall is somewhat hazy.

Probably did. Can't remember with any accuracy.

Tread your own path.

If you can't remember, you probably have said enough.