I Am Sry But The Number Of Ppl Join This Group Just Depress Me.

There are more ppl in this group then anyother group.
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You will find all this depressing and probably imagine that your future will look something like the stories you have seen here....
If you look at stories about death and cancer etc you will also worry about what the future holds for you.
What you should be doing in learning from the mistakes others have made and applying the knowlegde you have learnt to your future relationships.Don't expect trouble ahead..stay positive and do what you can to avoid falling into the situations you are reading about here.Relationships require nurturing and maintenance always.I wish that i had all the knowledge that you would be gaining here when i was your age. I would never have made a different choice of life partner, I would instead,have done things better along he way..And even then .... "better to have lost in love ,than never to have loved at all ".

Even more than in the "I breathe oxygen" group

scary isn't it! ! ! your young

You know what depresses me? People who cannot use proper grammar.

We all have our thresholds...find yours and own it.

Good luck.

Get married and see where you are in 20years.

the group really helped me. empowering to know its a common problem, that no one seems to talk about..at least not "out there"...if all of us are for real, it seems that more of us are getting courageous to take back happiness...

Yes...We're all here because a sexless marriage can happen to YOU! O.O
So...if you're in love with someone but have any niggling little doubts? pay attention to them.
The a$$ you save may be your own.
...Consider this your Public Service Announcement.


This is by far the most active and sensible useful group on EP

He probably loves it because he is deprived of it! lol

Oh there are some very amusing and creative groups on here.

I like that sound, too...but I'm not going to join a group for it.

Patient: Doctor, doctor - My wife says I'm weird because I like sausages.

Doctor: Well that's nonsense. I too like sausages. I can assure you there's nothing wrong with you.

Patient: Thank you doctor. You like sausages too? You should come and see my collection - I've got thousands...

Esjey, I think I got a message from him too. Ewwwwww.

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