Anyone seen "In the Bedroom" tv show?

Just wondering what y'all think of the tv show called "In the Bedroom with Dr. Laura Berman." For those who haven't seen it, it's a tv show about couples who aren't having enough they go to therapy and the Dr. gives them "homework" each night. Over the course of like 3 days (I think that's how long it is??) their sex lives are miraculously much better and sometimes the couples even renew their vows.

I think it's BS. During their first interviews you see how bad things are, they cry and you can tell their mariage has been damaged by the sex issues. In the beginning of the show a lot of their stories sound similar to many stories on here. Then all they do is follow some instructions by the therapist and then they're all better?! I just don't see how they can make such a big change in such short amount of time. I'm sure most of those couples went right back to their same old routine after the show ended. I wish they'd do updates on them a few months after haha.

Are there any success stories on here? I know most people here say that you either have to accept the fact that you won't have sex anymore...or leave the marriage. But has anyone here made a complete turn around and regained an active sex life?
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I am one who says yes can go back to what it once was...wasn't easy , and you have to make sure that it stays a priority.I was once totally uninterested in sex ( due to outside stress on the marriage, and while having kids etc, ) Back then, if you'd asked me, i would probably have said that i didn't care if i NEVER had sex again .My husband went through hell over this. When he finally blew up , i woke up and discovered that i had been neglecting MYSELF even more than him. I had to find that part in me that always loved sex. Now it's back with avengence.....I regret all that time that i lost while i was just existing, but not living . I didn't notice that i had disappered from my own life.I felt like i was doing everything for everyone and didn't choose to not want sex , it just slipped off the end of the long list of things to do each day. Never had to put sex on the list before that , it was something that happened naturally.Once life got hectic, i forgot about how good it was for me, let alone my husband.
Now i would be happy to do it daily,but now it's not so available!! My husband now works interstate for half of each month, and age is catching up with us, so we can no longer be the rabbits that we would like to be.( ironic !!)
So can turn around ......remember to use it before you lose it ..

Yes I have watch the show, my therapist suggested watching it. My wife saw couple shows and really didn't like it.
I find it hard to believe a couple who are in a "sexless marriage" can resolve their problems in 3 days.

Even thought the show was interesting at first, I became bored with it because it seem to be repeat of the same situation with no follow up. It would have been nice if they did follow up on the couples.

To answer your question I have no success story yet, although my wife in just started her own therapy, so I may have one in the near or somewhat near future.

There are about 3-5 who count themselves as successes. There are 2, possibly 3 at this point that I would say have reached the long term mark of one year or longer. That would be hl42, modlulu and apocrypha. Each have very different stories and ways they deal with it all. <br />
There are many who count themselves as successful short term only to find a few months later that one or the other person's slid back into old patterns and they are even more saddened and angry because they really got their hopes up. <br />
It's like a diet or lifestyle change to get healthier. The first few months are easiest but the hardest part is maintaining the motivation and commitment long term. If you and (more importantly) your spouse can then you can be successful long-term.

I know of 3 success stories.

It's very unlikely these are lasting. I had many many attempts to 'work at it' which lasted approximately three days each - so pretty good move on the part of the tv company to only give them that long in my opinion.

Haven't seen said show - it will probably take 6 months or so to reach my jurisdiction (or if I am real lucky, it never will reach my jurisdiction !!).

The way you describe it, it seems like it would be **** funny. The humiliations people will subject themselves to just to get their head on telly never ceases to amaze me.

Anyway, your Q - "has anyone here made a complete turnaround "
My answer, for me alone = No.

You have about another 31,999 responses to go to get a definitive picture.

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