People Stereotyping The Woman In A Sexless Marriage..

In my experience I think people automatically assume that we the woman are a reason for the sexless marriage.

These are some of the things I had to deal with..

My inlaws actually at one point adviced me "you need to get some victoria's secret in order to make yourself more attractive, make him want to have sex with you..."

Very offensive because I could easily have frequent flier miles with VS, I keep myself in tiptop shape just to make up for the sexlessness in the marriage.
There is nothing wrong with me, I dont even have to show off my VS stuff or wear racy clothes and guys still check me out! And with my ex BF 11years ago, I used to wear granny panties and we still had mindblowing sex!
Over here I have tried to be everything and done every move in the book, short of acting like a **** star in the privacy of our bedroom and still Nothing(for last 11years)!

So somehow when people act like something were wrong with me as a result of which my husband may not want to have sex with me is completely wrong and offensive!

Some of my girl friends have made remarks like "you cant leave him Just for sex!"
I feel marginalised as a woman when people assume that women dont need to have sex.
Is there anyone out there who have been at the recieving end of stupid comments by people who dont know anything about your situation?
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Stereotypes exist not because they are fair (they are not) but because they are statistically efficient. Why bother cavity searching a 65-year old white woman at the airport? But that's a stereotype, right? It is similarly efficient for a man to start dating with the assumption that his target woman does not enjoy sex unless a great deal of quid pro quo is established first. Which is exactly what a vast majority of men (that get any sex at all) do: bend over backwards just so their partners' vaginas moisten up a little. It is a disgustingly successful strategy, too.

You will find plenty of women in ILIASM who will empathize and commiserate with you. You are in good company for sympathy. Doesn't change the fact that if you sample a man uniformly at random from the ~3.4 billion men out there, and then you sample a woman similarly, they will be sexually mismatched with probability more than a half.

It doesn't matter what the deal-breaker is, a deal-breaker is a deal-breaker. It will be different things for different people. If you can't condone a behaviour, then you put up with it or walk...... tres simple!


I liken people like that to people who watch amazing acts of human performance, and say, "gee, you know what they aught to do..." while never even grasping that they are watching the very limits of what is humanly possible.

Completely agree, done everything humanely possibly, and for the people who go "oh you should have done that!" By the way I did that too , it still didnt work on him!

The one time I put on thigh-highs for my ex, I ended up getting rejected...yet another thing occurred to make her feel not in the mood...I felt like I should start doing a tarot reading to see if I was gonna get any before asking.

Lol,too funny! I love the tarot reading solution here!! maybe I need to do tarot reading to find out if I am going get anything before asking!!

P.s. too funny was just the tarot reading part ,not the getting rejected part obviously..

How about "I don't feel like it tonight, because the tarot is getting on my nerves!"?

@ulae LOL too funny!

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The only attire you need to accept is the "Bad Guy/Girl" t-shirt. Those who left all have one and you know what? It fits just fine. Get the t-shirt.

Oh yes, on the last day here I will!! Thanks a lot!!

I do understand the feeling of wanting to be right in your action, have that validated by others. As Baz says though, it's not necessary. You will (when this is all over) look back and know that you did what you had to do for your own sanity. All other opinions or validations (while nice), are really about as useful as a chocolate teapot. Nobody but you has to live in your life, so "advice" is mostly cheap and throwaway, given with no real thought or attempt at proper mile-shoes-walking.

All and sundry to NOT need to know the in's and out's of your personal life.

Any of these aquaintences you have been discussing this with (be it at your instigation, or just them sticking their oar in) are of no value.

Everyone who needs to know that your marriage is a shithole already knows. People who NEED to know are chosen by you, and ought number no more than a handful. They are your support team to help you get through. If they ain't helping you, then they need to be cut from the team.

Cease and desist discussing this with persons who have an agenda (such as in laws) or plain old dickheads who have no clue about the subject matter. You owe them NOTHING.

Tread your own path.

Thanks a lot, what about parents and siblings, when do they need to know?
They are not especially helpful, just would create drama and make me feel terrible.
But they act as if I have an obligation to tell them about the stuff in my life, if I dont they act like I am keeping a secret.

They are free to think whatever the **** they like - AND, they don't need your help to do that, believe me.


It's not a guy/girl thing. Really, when you're a guy being refused, you feel the same way.

Although to be honest I didn't wear much in the way of VS lingerie, but I doubt it'd suit me (N.B. present girlfriend prefers Agent Provocateur and more obscure stuff which I can't remember the name of - looks absolutely awesome for the 10 seconds I spend in stunned wonder, before tearing it off her...).

I agree its not a guy/girl thing. When we are refused we all probably start doubting ourselves in one way, even though we get plenty of signals to the contrary outside the marriage!

And yes, no VS or Agent provocateur or any of that was going to help a guy who didnt want to have sex! With somebody who did, the granny panties would do just as well!

Thanks a lot for that. Thankfully even though my husband didnt want to have sex, I always saw it as his problem. But 11years of constant sexlessness makes me a little tired.. As far as other people making comments thats hurtful because they dont know how much effort my whole marriage has been..And I may need to work on myself, just to learn what makes me happy as well..

I think you really need to outsource your physical needs and get a FB. You have permission, it will help you deal with the long dry spells with your H. just a thought, it well definitely give you a self esteem boost as nothing is better than the feeling of of actually being WANTED

yea, I've had Facebook for years, still nothing....:-)

I seem to have found several guys on OKcupid that would suit me wonderfully, POF is where I found my lady.

I never got those comments but know them. I go to the gym, wear lacy underwear and he isn't interested. I guess it's like getting bored with an old toy.

I do something for my back though

Sadly it is only for me because my husband doesn't care about better shape or anything. I,

stupid to talk about the subject

Same here and the gym is a great place for me to get exhausted in another way and to flirt with some handsome men. It does no harm, it only reassures me that I'm looking ok.

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sex or sexless pain or painless love or loveless

Umn not sure I got that?