Shut Up And Kiss Me!

Right now,
All that I want is a man to kiss me on the forehead and tell me how lucky he is to have me.
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20 Responses Dec 16, 2012

Every person is special in some way or the other,if you find a man who kiss you with genuine feelings for you, you are lucky to find love. Take care

As for me I understand I would give anything for that from my wife she is to busy saying hateful mean things. Just a kind word would nice. Your husband should be thankful and realize what he has with you good luck!

I'd love the same thing except from a woman, hope you find someone ! : )

Same problem !

Hope you manage to find the right one also

Heya, you dont need a man to tell you that. It comes from the inside (or so people keep telling me...ive yet to find it myself lol)


Yes im lucky nd blessed to be able to communicate with you.Here is your kiss.I like your personality all so cool. Text me sometimes we can enjoy the holidays much peace nd love to you be happy smile ok I LIKE THAT

I wish at times I was a man a woman would want to be there for her I know I could be a good man but I struggle with any masculinity I would kiss you on the forehead embrace you and say I'm not only lucky to have you I'm lucky to be with you.

So true how the little things make the biggest difference. Wishing you hugs! Don't loose your self worth. Everyone deserves to be loved.

here is my hug and a kiss!

i wish you all the best

I was just thinking that myself I don't miss being with someone so much but it's the little things like a kiss or a gentle touch to reassure :/

Most definetley :D

im with you i need to be loved and cherished

Don't we all :( but I think when we need something so much it's never gonna happen I've given up looking for love hoping now that it will find me ( fingers crossed)

You have my kiss upon thy brow,
And luck is that I have you Now ....

No concern, my Lady.

Would any man qualify

* a kiss for u. Cheer up sweety

Wow, it is true. Our standards do lower astronomically the longer we are in our sm.

well said. Our standards do lower astronomically.

I look forward to getting my hair cut by this very attractive Asian woman, and I always find myself telling her to take her time.

how sad is that???

yeah ur the luckiest women in these world to have kiss with him

(((( kissing you on the forehead )))))

(( lucky to have you ))

I know it is not the same,,,,,but sending it anyway

No you wouldn' me. I had plenty of "obligatory" pecks, but no real intimacy. If he truly loved me, he wouldn't have let me just walk away.

You deserve better. I hope you find it...with him, or without him.

does it always happen that after many years of marriage
some how the charm is lost.

what we are left holding is just routine activities.

You could train a dog to do that.

Tread your own path.