A Strangers Embrace

Just the other night I went to pay my respect to a family who lost their grandmother.
These people have been in my life since I was a child, and the kids (us) call each other cousins.
As I give my condolences I spot my mom and grandmother and decide to go sit over there with them when I'm done.
After a few, I notice a very handsome man walking towards me, looking at me,
I nearly blush and look away (how stupid I know).
All of a sudden I feel his arms around me, I turned to look, and we looked at each others eyes or a few seconds, and I realized it was my cousins husband,
coming to me to say hi and thanking me for coming, I hugged him and said I was sorry for his loss, after he let go, I pretty much fell back on my chair.
This unexpected embrace, i can't explain.

No matter where you are, what the circumstances are, or who you're with,
this will always catch you by surprise, and you will always be slapped by reality of how truly lonely and vulnerable you are.
Touch is normal, it's necessary, to not want it or need it is out of this world ridiculous, I wish I could say impossible.

I wish everyone a warm season,
a love filled Christmas
and a rockin' New Years.

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We are such a Touchless Society
Car washes are touchless, it's not going to get any better because as a world touching is not taught, it's frowned upon in society.

"""Touch is normal, it's necessary, to not want it or need it is out of this world ridiculous, I wish I could say impossible."""

totally agree


Everyone needs to be touched. A finger, a hand a big hug. You need it more.

you shuld have turned back and give him a deep kiss..
*** for tat ?

Yes I should have made out with my cousins husband right there at the funeral.
Is that what you gathered from my story? Then you are in the wrong group.

What an idiot djk007 is


I hear your pain. When me and my wife were going through the sexless period just the touch of the hairdresser cutting my hair would excite me.

Stay Strong & Good Luck

I had no idea things were going well for you, please pm me with the good news.
so happy for you

I thought things were improving with you and your husband? *confused*

They were, we've just hit a brick wall.

Well damn. Sorry, hon. :(

I am damaged goods. I feel clumsy about touching anyone in any context. Shaking hands is about my limit. The only exception is my 3y old, out of necessity, but it is not unpleasant. He loves to touch me, and I don't mind.

you are not damaged goods, I know how you feel, I have my 2 and 3 year old that touch and kiss and hugs me all day long. It's different, but certainly not unpleasant, and real, pure love with out malice or expectations.

Yes. Why is it that I can do hard-ball negotiation about silly things with my child, and his touch feels as natural afterward as before, but I don't feel the same about negotiating most things with my wife?

because the hurt they cause us is not un intentional.

Oh ocean...
how painfully true our need
for touch is so
i have been shocked at how
my whole body responded
to a simple warm hug...
new rule...
starving people cannot be held
for our hyper sensitive
responses to touch...
there...i feel much better...
wishing you a Christmas full of His love and Grace...
and a most
fabulous new year
joyinthejourney, clg

Never underestimate how nice a warm , sincere hug can feel.........