At Least We Tried

The other night, I met a person in their late 60's that said although they'd had a few short relationships, they were always afraid that they wouldn't be loved they way they needed to be loved. That they were afraid they would have a bad marriage, get cheated on, get abused, it never happened.

So even though I'm lonely now, even though my marriage kind of sucks, I'm grateful to say that I've loved. I've tried. I've given my best to someone/something. And even if I end up alone, it wasn't always this way.
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4 Responses Dec 20, 2012

You're still young. It's not as if you can't try again.

Your title - "At Least We Tried" stood out to me.

There is precious little "We" in this story or your others.

There's just you. And, you'd do well to base your choices (hopefully INFORMED choices) on that fact as - if you - plan to move forward.

Tread your own path.

I meant we--as in this group. I don't think any of us would be here if we hadn't tried our little hearts out first.

I rate this UP. I think this is very important to remember!!! We took a chance. It didn't work out, but we gave it our all. Doesn't mean we won't get in future! Thank you ...

To love requires risk. To love requires a willingness to be vulnerable. But, I think love is worth the risk. I think it is sad when people are that afraid of life that they won't even give love a chance.