Anticipation And Dreams Of My Charming New Life..

So what happens when I move out of my SM, fly overseas, in 2 1/2 weeks..

    I see myself flying into freedom, out of the sadness, away into a new world.

Meeting lots and lots of people, making new friends, laughing a lot, working a lot, smiling a lot, sensory overload, different culture, friendly people. 
Meeting wonderful old friends who are my support group, go on dinners with some of my charming friends who used to hit on me..

Setting up my new life, will buy the oceanview condo/flat this time right in the heart of the city that is so alive and bursting..
Will be walking the beach every single morning and every single evening..

No more housework, will have my full time home staff there, the driver, the maid, the cook, and the sitter /teacher/caretaker for DD..
 Will take some fun evening classes, the photography class, the stand up comedy class, some girl makeover classes, maybe a part time MBA..

I feel the warm ocean breezes as I walk barefeet on the beach in the evenings with friends, laughing away, possibly flirting away..

I can hear Frank Sinatra's  Summer Wind... playing somewhere in the background..

Aah thats a life I can live with for forever..

wow.. I cant wait for this time to be over and for me to start New..

I want to keep dreaming of my new life, it energizes me, makes me alive as I define it and play that script in my mind..

Here I come my New Life, I am already falling in Love with You....
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6 Responses Dec 20, 2012

Did YOUR lawyer peruse, and advise you, on that agreement your spouse concocted ?

Tread your own path.

Thanks for bringing me back to planet earth..Love it when you do that..! Sorry was being a little slack..Will do it for sure next week..Thanks a lot!!

In my jurisdiction, the legal fraternity will not be back at work until mid Jan.

Thanks a lot for that reminder, I think I will call the lawyer tomm itself, and try to get an appointment before I leave, beginning of 2nd week in Jan..
Ooh I just forgot all about christmas vacations. Thanks a million!!

Sometimes you just need to "reset". In your circumstance the world is your oyster. I say go for it!

Yes absolutely, I am going to go after my dreams and Chase down my healing..

You are so, so very lucky. Really! You have everything in your power to make this come true.

And if he had been the type of man to really be a husband, he would already know all of your dreams and would have worked towards making them a reality!

As I plan the next phases, I too am vowing to go full-steam-ahead with MY plans, and not let others sabotage them in future.

Enjoy - I hope it's all a reality for you, soon!

Just do it. Instead of focusing on what we dont have, if we focused on what defines a good life for us, and dream about it constantly, I think we talk ourselves into going after our dreams full steam and getting them..I think once we are going after our dreams, all our issues slowly and surely just fade away into a distant past..

Who wouldn't fall in love with such an idyll!

Oh yes, everytime I go there, this is what defines my life there.. No wonder I love it so much.. This time I will take it to the next level and just go ahead get my dream ocean view flat that I always wanted to get.. and make my love permanent..

Oh Yes and I did notice that my current life has no part in my to play in my fantastic new life.. Wow, something to think about..

I hope you enjoy your new life.

Thanks.. I think I am going to stop focusing on all the negatives, just focus on the good things ,and remember that the best is yet to come..

You're right. With all the changes taking place, the best is yet to come.

Yes exactly, makes me excited as I am dreaming and planning all the good things yet to come..