Home Alone...but Not Alone

I am home alone this Christmas house sitting for three days. And yet I am not alone. I don't feel alone. It feels like the best Christmas for a very long time.

There are many of us who either have moved out or living the strange single life of a failed or a doomed marriage or embroiled in financially and messy divorce proceedings.

I haven't been able to do (afford) Christmas in the usual glitzy sense for three years. This year I'm actually homeless until my caravan park reopens in March. But I am lucky to have some pension I can get by with and take advantage of ultra cheap winter holidays on the Med. Other people are not so lucky and I feel for them.

What changed for me about Christmas is holding the real spirit of what it is all about. It is about people. People in adversity yet coping and happy. Good people always ready to lend a helping hand whatever their own circumstances are.

There are an abundance of such people in here. Perhaps we are drawn to each other in similar crises. Being in a doomed marriage or a disastrous relationship can be or is often an isolating and lonely place to be. But whatever the circumstances are, someone else in here has or is going through the same thing, and suddenly each one of us is no longer alone.

None of us are alone. We have each other in here. Friends. True friends.

The original meaning of Christmas was that it is/was a gift from the Almighty, your Maker or whatever you perceive him/her to be. So this year I am celebrating the gift of friendship from you to me and me to you at this time whatever your religion or faith. That's why it feels so special.

I have been watching at fairly close hand, the production of the charity record "He ain't heavy....." for the 96 victims of the Hillsborough tragedy...and justice is now coming for those beleaguered families at last. It's the generosity of spirit of all the people involved with this that moves me to write here.

Generosity of spirit. That's what friendship is.

A Merry Christmas everyone and may your New Year bring you happiness and joy. I'll be raising my glass to you all at 12noon as in previous years. Cheers.

Life is too short to be unhappy. If you know you need to take that first step in your life, make a resolution to do it.
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1 Response Dec 24, 2012

Ho Ho Ho..... It's 'cos we have to cope with daft Dr Who plots about carnivorous snowmen. Even you'd be depressed. Jamie Oliver? We new men follow the plumptious Delia Smith, whose dumplings surpass any of the twin peaks of the Anapurnas....and as for juicy rounded Christmas puddings, well what can I say.....phew....am definitely need emotional salvation, though I've never heard it called that before. Ha ha ha. Ho ho ho.