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Merry Christmas And Blessings For A Wonderful New Year

Thank you so very much to the wonderful people on this site. Without your guidance and reassurance I would not have had the courage to change my life. 

I am happy now.  There are a few difficulties to overcome but they are merely an annoyance .  No more am I overwhelmed and consumed by them. I have the love of a wonderful man now, someone who cares what I feel , what I think and always addresses me with tenderness and respect.  

Since I left my sexless (more accurately loveless marriage) I have grown and realized that while I am no better or worse than anyone else out there and I deserve to be happy.   I am a loving caring person with a lot of love to share and I have been lucky enough to find someone who also has a lot of love to give. 

No one knows how much time they will have here on this planet. I wasted too much on the wrong person but I have forgiven myself  for that because I took that step and moved away from all that was holding me back.   I have no anger and no regrets. Only relief.

If you haven't yet taken steps to gain your happiness, please take heart and do so .  Everything will work out for you if you find the courage to stand up for yourself and the life that is yours and yours alone to live. 

I wish each and everyone of you peace, joy and fufilment in the coming year. 


Cairin Kimberley
cairinkimberley cairinkimberley 51-55, F 1 Response Dec 25, 2012

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Thank you and Merry Christmas.