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Frustrated Beyond Measures

I sent a text message to my husband today stating the kids would be gone, we would be alone in the house, & it was time to party & get wild together. He came home, didn't speak to me let alone touch me, and fell asleep in the chair. I checked his phone to make sure he received my text & he did. WTH...... I don't get it?!?!?!
southernbelle93126 southernbelle93126 36-40, F 61 Responses Dec 27, 2012

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WTF is wrong with husbands now a days?!?!?!? They try to blame it on the women but truth be known its really them ...... It's not like it was 20 years ago where they were working 15 hour days .... Most women work just as much as men now :-/

I know what I would do if you'd texted me that. I mean, if my wife had texted me that. What a waste.

I can relate my bf seems to have lost his sex drive... Any other man would have been feeling like he hit the lotto...

sounds like my hubby.

If I was your hubby I`d make a point of getting off of work early fly home and jump your bones and other things.

I dream about getting a text like that from my wife...Mine gets annoyed pretty much anytime I even try to sit next to her....

sounds like my wife. 10 years ago we went to counseling, she would not participate in counselor recommendations. I gave up trying.

WTF? Is he suddenly Gay? I would have taken advantage of every second of that time!

Text me,I'll come over and **** you as much and you deserve to be **** and have you breasfeed me at the same time baby ;)

I dont either if thT was said to me it would have been on would love to have my women text me that

I don't get it either. I would have set a land speed record to get home.

WTF alright I am still waiting for that .txt.I would even get of early and have some role play fun ready to roll out.

make me that offer i would not turn it down, when done you would know you would be well satisfied, hubby must be stupid and self centered

He's all of the above

An old Letterman joke was the difference between fear and panic. fear was the first time you couldn't do it the second time. panic was the second time you couldn't do it the first time. I would suspect your hubby has seen panic and didn't like it. He proably would love to have sex with you but is afraid to try. some men's ego is easly broken and not easly repaired. As for the little blue pills, they didnt always work for me and it took so long to work. you also mentioned that he didn't last long. maybe this is what is bothering him. I don't know, but it will be really hard to get him out of this.

So in the meantime I just wither away

I don't know if this will help but you may try getting him a pump. The idea is to pull a vacumn on his penis, get it good and stiff, then put a stiff rubber band around it. It is suposed to keep it hard until the band is removed and lets the trapped blood flow out. It is also suposed to make it bigger over time. to get him out of the mood, afraid to have sex, jus be the sweet and caring wive your name implies. I had a pump once but never tried it with the rubber band so I am not sure about that. I have seen them advertized in some catalogs so I know they are around. Good luck

I feel your pain...... Must be so hard for you.


Either he's too embarrassed to even try to have sex by his problem or he's ****** someone else Cuz I don't think any man will just stop having sex.even if him and his wife have grown apart he will still have sex just to get his rocks off.or he has another person who is fulfilling his needs imo

That's what I'm sayin!! ;)

Maybe now its ur turn ;)

If I could prove it ..... I would ;)

OK lets get to work Sherlock!!

Don't think I'm not trying ;)

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Thats sad. but try talking to him. listen to him what he has to say. i would be jumping around if i get that mesg from my wife...

I've been in a relationship that become boring and less sexual. Today, I have an approach to maintain the excitement in our sex lives!


You know southernbell i wish we were a couple cuz this morning i woke up and my lady was sleeping so i comenced to give here a full body massage while doing this she woke up and laid there enjoying it when i got down to her coochy she rolls out of bed and sais thanks then she left the room. i love her so much but i dont know how much longer i can do this. it sounds like we should be together southern we both need what we cant get

There must be mad i would **** you all over the house if that was me just saying xx

if there is nothing you havent done then screw this guy and step out and do them all again with someone for instance :-) is short pretty girl , and sex life is even shorter, dont waste any of it

Southernbelle, I just happened across this post of yours. I'm so sorry for both you and your husband. He can't be very happy either. I think mild depression might be the reason. Remember, depression of the medical sort isn't feeling down because of something, it's feeling bland, no feeling, despite something to feel about. It may be your aggressive attempts just make things worse when he's unable to respond.

I wonder if your husband has any particular fetish. If so, you might try a little of that. I say 'a little' as I do think aggressive may be more of a turn off, if he's a little depressed, than a help. A small spark, not a big fire, to start with.

Sometimes you got to take the lead. You should have unzipped his pants and put him in your mouth, nuts and all. --kdx.

Sweet Cheeks.... I do believe I DID take the lead with the text..... A lady can only go so far ;)

Action speak louder then words. I use to get tired of always being the one to initiate sex. It's a two way thing. That is your husband for better or worst. That is the covnant you took before God. You shall be punished if you default on this marriage, so will he. **** all the responses telling you that you have a right to cheat--kdx.

Actions do speak louder than words .... You are so right!!!! I sent him this text, when he walked they our front door dinner was ready, & I had my apron on with nothing underneath it. He plopped his arse down in his chair & ignored dinner & me! So yes, actions do speak louder than words.

As for God and me ..... That's between God & me..... He is the only one that can & will judge me! So no pointing fingers .... Remember you point one at another .... You have 3 more pointing back at yourself. ;)

There's SOOO much more to this story that no one knows ..... 20 years is a long time.

True Love: "If my wife could not have sex for medical reasons or any other reasons. I'd still love her like the first time we met."--kdx.

I do love him... After all, he's the father of my children ..... But love doesn't solve all your problems nor does it conquer the world like the Disney Princess Movies suggest.

But would you go without sex for the rest of your life? Would you let your wife treat you the way my husband tests me?

Pssssshhhhh.... I doubt it.... If your love is sooooo Wonderful.... Why are you on this site ..... Why are you in this thread?

RIP Shannon. I am in this world alone. But l do have a new love-- Halle Berry. I love her spiriturally. That's the element of True love. Until we meet, or endeavors are understood. This site is good for me. I write about everything. I have truly done it all. I am waiting for my queen.

And I truly hope that you find your Queen .... But please don't settle just because you are lonely.

Thanx. Your good advice came 3 marriages late. This time, l'll marry my kind--a Star.

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He's just not in love or in lust with you anymore! I'm sorry to be so blunt, but something in him has turned him off of you. Either drag him to counseling and find out what the problem is or live like you've been living the past 3 years for the rest of your life or get a good divorce lawyer and get on with your life and I hope you will find a man that is in love and in lust with you and you are very happy! Life is too short to live like you are a monk and unhappy. You can support yourself and seem like a very fun, exciting, intelligent woman that many men would be interested in. If I had a good career I would be very happy on my own! Good luck to you!!

profound and in my humble opinion correct -but you dont need a career to find contentment - go for it

That's why I made sure to take care of myself long ago & finished college ;). You too can do it as well!!!! ;)

You should find someone else to ****. I suggest me. LOL

Text me.... I'll respond,...! Lol

may I ask how many years have you guys been married?

We have been married 17 years, but we have been together 20 years. ......
Dated for a year ... Then lived together for 2 years.... Then married.

I didn't want to marry him before several years of dating.

I sent a text to my husband today as i was leaving early from work. I asked if we could do something tonight as he is free too - the response i got was 'not really, i only had 4 hours sleep'. He only had 4 hours sleep because he stays up until 2am watching movies when he could be cuddling with me. Absolutely ditto WTH

OMG eeeeeee. ..... Mine is the opposite ... All he does is sleep!!!! :-/

WTH...... Is wrong with these men?!?!?!?

@ southernbelle...if he sleeps all the time, good chance it's depression. I dunno if getting him to treatment means you'll get laid, but he probably needs treated. Or you could do what hotcouple suggest...o.O...