Why Did I Get Married

I hate him. He complains about everything he acts like an child that im suppose to take care of. He never acts like an man or try to take the lead in the relationship, I think that im only with him because I don't want to be alone. Starting an new relationship is just not the question right now. His family makes me feel as if I'm his care taker he's 23 and have yet not to get an driver license. So I have to take him every where he goes. I would rather be at work then home with him. Why did I get married?
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Being alone is FAR better than being stuck with a childish immature and selfish person - namely your husband. Big girls get married so you must be a big girl. Time now to use that big girl status to admit you made a HUGE mistake and get out of your marriage.

And whatever you do, please do NOT allow yourself to get pregnant. No child deserves to be born into such a dysfunctional situation.

You are 18--21 and he is 23. No wonder you did not even have time to find out if he had a drivers license, before you married him. Indeed, what was the compulsion?

try this too, next time he needs a ride somewhere, take him to the DMV. He will be in there so long you could have a party at your hase and clean up after your friends with time to spare.

because he was your everything not too long ago. And the sad thing is that many couples have these thoughts. im not sure when you got married, but I am pretty sure its because you two are so young. I dont mean you cant get married young, i mean there is still so much left for you to see, live, experience, try, like, hate, the list goes on. My cousin is 22 and he just got married to his 21yo girlfiend of about 2yrs. They only got married for image purposes that also happed to sync with their feelings for each other. (She got pregnant this summer and the entire family is christian...so they had to have a weeding soon for their reputations). Personally their reps are shot because neither of them has a job (more exact: CAREER or any education), but i can see them deteriorating in the next few years. because of the same things you mentioned...except it actually is a child in this case.

I say get out there to SEE what there is. because if you dont like it, you can always go home, but if there is something that catches your eye...i say look into it. doesnt hurt to have a peek.

"Why did I get married?" Really WHY? You are so young,you could enjoy being single and build your own independence for another 10 years easily.... IMHO...


"Starting an new relationship is just not the question right now. "

Then don't start one - just plan your exit strategy and GET OUT AS SOON AS YOU CAN. Lawyer visits are often free for the first visit. Time to go get a lawyer.

Being alone is better than being lonely in your marriage. Don't wait 10, 20, 30 years like the rest of us did.

Listen to elkclan. Time does not make these things better. I knew there was something wrong with my marriage at 25, now 10 years and 2 kids later I am finally leaving like I should have years ago.

leave things undone and see how long before he decides doing them himself - if not - leave

Get out!!! Get out!!! Get out!!! His childlike mentality and failure to deal with the world in an adult manner is a clear sign that he's not suitable husband material. I wish someone had told me that when I was so much younger.

Many females feel on the 9th cloud when they are getting married. After a couple of months one tend to realize that marriage is not a 'picnic'.