It's Friday Night

If I have learned anything ..... I have learned that way too young to be sitting at home miserable non compassionate man that finds all the negative in the world.

I guess I should have been born in the 60s, because I am a free spirited person that loves life & everything that life holds for me.

We are all too young & life is too precious to waste being negative.

So, I say let's all get up ... get dressed in something that makes us look hot as hell and go out tonight. Have a drink or 2, & make a toast for what life has in store for each one of us!!!
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Damn Straight

Having a partner by your side to hold and comfort you is precious.

I've read some of your other stories and my heart goes out to you. I'm in that situation and the end is near - divorce - just so you don't worry. Though we have no children, so it will be easier. Just hope your children are learning from this because there is a lot to learn.

Take care of yourself. Though be careful to not give him something/anything that he may use against you and the children in the future. Yes I agree moments of intimacy are wonderful and needed by all humans, and make us feel good about ourselves. I just don't want him to ruin even those moments for you.

Take Care

Yes, life is way too short

It's not short when you are miserable.

Brutal reply.

I'm guessing that you live too far from me to actually meet up, but I'm willing to have phone and/or cyber sex with you.

I agree. I've already had my first glass of wine. My second will be downed in about an hour or so. Go ahead, get dressed up. Enjoy your night. Let him be miserable. Don't let his misery wear you down.

"And I lift my glass To the awful truth Which can't reveal To the ears of youth Except to say It isn't worth a damn...."