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Meet my husband in 92 he wass best boyfriend anybody can have move in with my family at 17 live with me since he was my lover and my best friend it was me and him angist the world 10 year my beautiful daughter was born as the years went on less sex no talking and fighting all the time we had sex in the past 10 year about ten times if lucky always putting me down make fun of me and making me feel bad I know money wise I cant get by and he knows thats I want lov ed again flurries in my bellly again I want to be told nice thing I want to feel that sexy feel again not fair to live like this dont know want to do together 21 years scary to start over when u know one person he feel we should just stay together we ok it just crazy
Sweetcheeks02 Sweetcheeks02
31-35, F
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I need to find a woman that has needs like you. your hubby should have my wife and you and me be together lets trade

Sweetcheeks02, I understand you are frustrated about lack of intimacy and sex. Is your husband a good father? Does your daughter look up to him? Is he empathetic and helpful? Do you guys fight as a result of resentment or frustration? If so, don't break your marriage just for the sake of sex. Have a fling! You can get sexual satisfaction outside of your marriage.There are many facets to being married. Combined responsibility for parenting. Mutual financial support. Security and insurance. Friendship. Sex. Sex is NOT the most important, but it is the most fickle of all. But the good news is, you can get sex outside of marriage, unlike the other responsibilities! Enjoy.