Update 2 On Text Message

I went out last night. I drank too much, grind & danced .. until I ....... Ummmmm.... Ya moving on .....

Came home .... Answered a few responses, got into the shower at 4 am, and crawled into bed completely naked .... At this point I couldn't find the energy to dress .....

At 6 am I awoke very aroused let's just say .... My husband did respond & we did have amazing sex. Probably, the best we have had in the past year ....

When we finished....He asked me why I was so horny all the time ....... I said I don't know, but they say a woman has her prime later in life..... He stated well I'm already past my prime so i don't know what you are going to do .... Then he said ......it sucks doesn't it......
I said ...... WTH?'

I went back to sleep .... Got up ... Got back in the shower.....

As I grabbed my keys off the counter .... I suggestively & sarcastically said in his ear ...
I'm going commando today, just in case you didn't notice..... But I'm sure someone else will.....

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I am not sure what state you live in but can't the court approve your divorce? This man needs *** kicking..sorry but this really ****** me off. I love my wife and would love to have someone like you be her mentor...she really needs someone to help break her boundaries of having fun.

somebody is abot to have a most wonderful experience....Love your qoute btw...I wiould welcome your adding me...

Okay. That last line was a little twisted. Why are you married to this guy if you're not completely happy with each other? Life's too short.

Because he will not sign the divorce papers

Oh man that sucks. Is that legal?

We are still married & he still hasn't signed them.

I think in some states there are ways to get around this. Is he contesting the divorce?

Yes, he will not divorce me because he says he still "loves me". I responded by saying you don't treat someone that you love the way you treat me ..... :/

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Love the way you ended that comment for him. Awesome!

Recognise there has been a change, and listen to what he said. He's frustrated that roles have been reversed, and his maleness is in question. Allow him time to become aroused. Allow him to time to respond to your desires, because it won't be immediate, but managing it correctly could be very erotic and very sensual.

The problem here is not your husband but the medication he took that cause the ED and loss of desire.
It may be a good idea to pressure your husband to go back to the doctor and asked for a change of medication to one that will not give him ED.

If he is on betablocker due to high blood pressure, here is the link


This recent run of your story(s) is really veering from one side to the other and back at speed.

The text matter appears to pay off, you get the best root you've had with him for a year, then you return things to the sexless status quo by a "suggestive and sarcastic"** remark in his ear.

What are you actually trying to achieve here ?

Tread your own path.

PS ** I think a "suggestive AND sarcastic" remark would be an oxymoron.

This is how I have lived the past 3 years ..... One moment he responds then for a month he doesn't .....

I can be both sarcastic & suggestive .... Trust me

Good and bad in there! Has he been better since?

No.... It's just getting worse ....

Really!! PM we will tell ya what we would do if we ha you :) x