Sexless Marriage

I too am in this category,I have been married for 38 years, at first there was sex, just plain unadventurous sex ,she didnt want to experiment with different styles,or even oral sex, and after my children were born, even that petered out, always a case of stop it, or not now, or you are wet,she hated to touch me, or me to touch her.
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The problem is, I am telling you because I had the same problem, that the problem is going to be worse as the time is passing.
I think you and your wife are needing help of an specialist to be able to speak about this, and all the things that are going to appear during that talk.
Try to get her to the meeting, without telling anything that she can think it is criticizing her at all.
Try to be calm.
Perhaps you are going to be surprised of her thoughts about all that.
It will be interesting, you will see.
Luck my friend, and to solve this thing and all other things while you are still together!

<p>After thirty eight years, I suspect your children are all grown. You have about twenty five to thirty years left of life. The question is: What are you going to do with them?</p><p>Are you going to stay married and continue with your arid marriage and occasional cheating? p><p>Or are you going to seriously consider taking steps to find the happiness you want?</p>

No, my wife dosent know about the episodes,perhaps I didnt say that right,and yes I guess I will have to stay married, at this time in my life there is no way I could afford to run two households, so its status quo ,unless I win the lotto!And yes my children are 35 and 30, and far apart.

Presumably the good things of your marriage STILL outweigh the bad if you choose to stay for 38 years?

I guess so, my children mean everything to me,and how could I leave them?

Children? Are they still under 18 and live with you?

Nope, both married,one here in CT, other far away.

I am lost then.. You could not possibly leave them as they are already grown up and left you... any changing in your personal life would not effect your children at all...

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Are you on the "outlive her" plan ?

Tread your own path.

Baz-that's hilarious!!!!

I wish, but no,without saying too much I have strayed, several times,always knowing my partner knows the full story,what can I say?