Little Big Town

Here is a good e mail to send your refuser.

Search on u tube and share Little Big Town , Your Side Of The Bed ( lyrics on screen )

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Found the lyrics and well they sure say a lot.

But what are you going to do? Other than get out of the relationship.

Send it to the refuser - why? They know what they are doing and in my way of thinking why pour salt on their wounds, because all they may do is pour more on ours.

I moved out three weeks ago is what I am doing about it.

To pour salt on a wound is just what a lot would like to do here.

While they abuse us we accept it as the order of things?

So lets not upset them?

Well my wife is very upset. I am tired of her pouring salt on my wounds in so many ares.

No do not let them abuse you, it is not the order of things. And I'm not saying take it either, it is time to move on, but don't give them any fuel for the fire either.

Sometimes it just does not matter what we do, they will be upset. So be it. Don't cave, just ignore and blow it off somewhere else. Don't resort to doing something you may regret later, though it may satisfy now.

Just remember to check your emotions, hard as that is. Keep it on a purely professional basis.

Yea your right. I have a wife that is venomous when upset and I don't have to play this song for her to get anything going.

She will however here it, just won't be me pushing it.

She really liked the way things were when I was in e home because she did not have her side of the bed.

Exactly! So if you don't want the venom then you got to do something different. Even though she may still bite. Kind of like the proverbial snake in the grass.

Oh hey Happy New Year and keep the shiny side up!

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