The Talk

Where did it go?
I wrote about this before and got some helpful advice, now it's disappeared.
Ok. Lets do it over. Please comment.

Our marriage has been mostly sexless for a few years now, but always affectionate, sometimes flirty. Seemed like it could start again at any time. Health issues have contributed to this, some his, some mine, but now, I am almost recovered from frozen shoulder and had hoped we could rediscover this aspect of our love together.
Just before Christmas a parcel arrived, one corner was torn, quite badly, enough for me to see that the contents were black, red and lacy. To allow him the surprise I left it, " undiscovered" in the porch.

No lingerie in my gifts this year.

Leaving me wondering. Where do I go from here?

Reading posts here I decided to have " The Talk"

Corylus Corylus
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1 Response Dec 31, 2012

Hmmm, could be he's waiting for an appropriate moment to give you the lacy stuff. Could be it's for another woman. Could be it's for him. Definitely time for some sort of honesty....Hope you gain some insight and clarity.

It arrived two days before christmas