Flavored Condoms...

Maybe this is a little far out, but all of a sudden the frequency has increased, at least of oral sex. Flavored condoms seem to be a psychological encouragement. We also go to the doctor about her vaginismus next Monday. Small steps, but steps in the right direction for sure. I know that my last post was not encouraging. Sometimes we all need a place to vent. Still little progress in oral for her, but she does allow me to touch her to climax. I am thankful for that.
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This story saddens me.

What has leapt out of it (to me) is the lamentably low standards of engagement we are prepared to settle for.
How our dysfunctional situations get us thinking weird ****, making uninformed choices, and settling for a compromised existence.

(This is not a shot at you Brother drummer. It is a general observation, prompted by your story)

Tread your own path.

When cleaning his stuff out of the bedroom drawers, he had bought condoms over the years - there were literally full unopened boxes of expired condoms from all years...

My wife bought a whole box if these ~1.5 years ago. She never used a single one. Sadly I called it in my head the day she showed them to me. She was excited at the time and I was very happy that she had done this on her own....but in the back of my mind I told myself don't get too excited....well...I was right and to be honest...I HATE being right ALL the time...