10 Really Lame Ideas And Beliefs To Let Go Of In 2013

Danielle LaPorte writes:
"I think it’s a universal law that you have to clear space for newness to enter; let something die for something to be born; cleanse to heal; let go to receive. Just like we clear our lungs to take in new air, we need to empty our minds of dull ideas to create brighter lives.

10 Lame Ideas, Notions, Concepts, Beliefs & Standards To Let Go of On Your Way To Fulfillment

1. Let go of the belief that you’re not worthy of your desires. You are worthy of your desires.

2. Let go of the fear-based notion that you have to say yes to everything in order to be liked, loved, profitable, charitable, kind. Fewer yeses can actually help you be more generous with your giving.

3. Let go of promises that you’ve outgrown. If a commitment is keeping you smaller or duller or safer than the person you’ve become, then it’s not serving anyone.

4. Let go of the insidiously subconscious standard that how you were treated in the past is how you should be treated now. Your family, your old boy/girl/friend, or your last boss may not be the best metric by which to measure how you want to be treated. You’ve grown — your standards for love should grow with you.

5. Let go of the incredibly sexy-dullifying belief that you’ll never get what you want the most. (See #1: You are worthy of your desires.)

6. Let go of the material **** that you just don’t like. In fact, if you don’t LOVE it, make a plan to get rid of it. Too tight, too shabby, brings up bad memories. As me n’ my girls habitually remind each other: “******-get-ridda-it.”

7. Let go of the concept that art is a luxury. It’s a necessity. A home without human-created art is like a face without eyes.

8. For the love of life, let go of the idea that there’s not enough time. You are the source of time in your life.

9. Let go of the crippling notion that your needs are merely wants. If you really really really deeply truly want to be seen, heard, met, or respected — well then, that’s probably a veritable need that you must have fulfilled to be … fulfilled. (And you should set out to have that need met on a daily basis.)

10. Let go of the “what sucks” story in your life. There’s lots to ***** about — and you should ***** — bitching can be incredibly life-affirming, clarifying and galvanizing. But then stop bitching.

Source: http://www.daniellelaporte.com/inspiration-spirituality-articles/10-lame-ideas-concepts-beliefs-to-let-go-of/?inf_contact_key=6df66cdc953e1563975c924cc1d8fff8b265011cf7efea0c35774bd10f6a4606
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9 Responses Dec 31, 2012

great list, thank you!!

This is awesome ! Regrettably a possible challenge in application . . . but I sure plan to try !

let me try it

Love this!

Thank you gonna let 2013 be a year of letting go you made me look at differently since I had buypass in in august 2012 was very closed in happy new year everyone

Thank you! I especially like # 4.

Fantastic share - thanks so much Lu! The bit that resonates most with me? "Fewer yeses can actually help you be more generous with your giving." Seriously something for me to take on board . . .

I love this!!! Especially the part about art! ;) Really great stuff, thanks for posting.

These are awesome, thanks ML.

"Let go of the material **** that you just don’t like."

Been spending a lot of time doing that lately. I'm starting to hate clutter, and really enjoy when I can concentrate on one or two things around me, rather than things piled on top of things...

Me too! I decluttered my house a couple of days ago and it feels wonderful.