Ugly Tattos

That’s how my wife refers to my tattoos.  I just don't understand.  I've asked her why she thinks tattoos are "ugly" and she can't give me a reason other than "Because they are."  Don't get me wrong there is such a thing as a ugly tattoo, but I've always been complemented on mine.  I mean they'll never be seen on Miami Ink but they're well done.  Anyway, the whole point of this is I want to get a tattoo to celebrate becoming a Father.  I am a Buddhist in case you hadn't noticed.  And, I am going to turn the upper part of my arm into a Buddhist prayer wheel "the prayer will symbolize protection" and example would be like what Angelina Jolie has on her shoulder.   Back to the point.  My wife tells me that if I got another tattoo she doesn't think she could ever touch me again...I call shenanigans on that.  But, what do I do?  This is something that means a lot to me, and I feel like she should be more understanding seeing how if the rolls where reversed I could be understanding.  Life is all about the way you experience it not how you live it.  Live your life the way you see fit not everybody else.   
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there are those of us who really dislike tattoos

You had tattoos when you got married!!! What's the difference? I would guess if you didn't want to make matters worse you could honor her request to not get any more but her reasoning behind why she doesn't like them is weak and a bunch of bull... There needs to be more communication...

I'm sorry but she's one shallow woman. You deserve some more appreciation instead of this absurd threat and she sounds pretty manipulating to me.. D: Do get that tattoo because to you it's important. She wants some nookie sooner or later, so it doesn't matter how much more ink you'll have one your body. Besides; the tatts are YOU. They belong there. And if she really love's you, she needs to stop whining about them - it's offending!

I personally like them.... sorry to hear she doesnt. I think you should do what it is that you want - however makes it hard I know. *smiles*

I think your wife is being a ***** about the tattoos... but that's because I like tattoo art and am waiting to settle on getting one myself.<br><br><br />
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BUT if my partner wasn't supportive of my tattoo desire, then I'd probably say: well, they're nice and all, but I don't need them more than my partner.<br><br><br />
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I'd probably make a deal with your wife: I'd say Quit the BS about the tats i have now and I won't get any more. If you can learn to love and respect the ones I already have, then out of love and respect for our relationship, I'll get no more.<br><br><br />
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Seems romantic and wonderful right? And you can commemorate your new kid by looking at the finite amount of tats you have now, and knowing that you made the choice to put your relationship above your spiritual vanity.<br><br><br />
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Buddah didn't need tattoos to accept his spirituality, and you probably don't really need them either.<br><br><br />
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I mean, when push comes to shove, do you really want the ink to shove your wife away?

i personally am not a fan of tattoos. i think its amazing to express your self but i think there are plenty of other ways to do it. however, if you choose to tatoo yourself, that is fine, it is your life but you cant expect everyone to like the look of tattoo, after all we were made tattooless. i like the look of a very pure person, i dont mean to say that people with tattos are not pure!!! i just like the look or natural skin, no art. i love art!!! dont get me wrong, i just think it belongs around us, not on us. :) as for you wife saying the tats are ugly, well she is entitled to her opinion. she is being honest with you!! but just becuase she doesnt think ur tats are beautiful, dont mean she doesnt think you. she is your wife!!! rememeber that! she didnt marry your tatttttoooo. she married you and whats inside you, not wats on the outside of you :)

Hi BW,<br />
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Okay, you've read all the supportive oohing and aahing. You've gotten lots of sympathy. Great. Now we can get on with business.<br />
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"My wife tells me that if I got another tattoo she doesn't think she could ever touch me again..."<br />
<br />
SO DON'T GET ANY MORE TATTOOS. Don't be stubborn about this, and don't be blissfully ignorant of what the consequences will be until the day you wake up and she refuses to f*** you anymore. She has warned you, so now you know exactly what your options are. Take your pick, and live with the results. If you want to spend the rest of your life on here whining and complaining along with the rest of use, you can stand up for your rights, put her in her place, and get as many tramp stamps as you like. But if you want her to take care of your carnal urges, I would strongly suggest waking up and smelling the coffee.

my husband doesn't mind my tattoos. He does not have any but he does not put me down for mine and the reason we have a sexless marriage is not because of them. I am sick and tired of people telling me I will regret my tattoos 20+ years from now. Listen people I have wanted tattoos since I was a teenager BUT I waited until I was 30 years old before I got my first one! I thought very hard for over a decade of what I wanted. Those of us who have tattoos DO ask ourselves the questions about whether we will regret this years down the road, etc, etc, etc..... I DO NOT regret any of my tats. They all represent something significant in my life. One is the stars and the moon because my dad I and used to love and talk about astronomy when I was a child. And it has my husband's name in it. He is my soul mate. The second is an Indian talisman representing GOOD LUCK and the third one is a butterfly which represnts the circle of life (HOSPICE). I worked for and totally believe in their cause. I agree with Alexandra31. I think your wife may have other issues and may be using the tats as a reson because she may not now how to talk about whats really bothering her.

Somewhere in the marriage contract should be a clause about being able to grow as an individual. A live and let live clause. I don't like tattoos and would do my best to talk someone out of one like, "chance of aids and not knowing that for 20 years", or "you'll eventually get old and wrinkled and they won't look that nice", or the history of tattoos - like from WWII - the holocaust victims were all tattooed against their will. Mox

I don't really understand how someone could call having a tattoo a developmental rut. Or that bit about erasing tattoos. For one more people have seen and appreciated my tattoo more than anyone has read anything I ever written. And for that matter my tattoos have no meaning or significance about who I am. I just wanted A tattoo. My first was right after I was married without my husbands knowledge. I never thought that was bad (until now maybe) but I don't know how I would have felt if he would have acted how your wife did... It just doesn't add up. I agree that there is something else to her story and the tattoo thing is an excuse.

'...form of ex<x>pression. your deepest thougts and feelings..."<br />
For most people, our thoughts, feelings, opinions, change from day to day. You can't easily erase the tatoo that showed how you felt 10 years ago, when you no longer feel that way. I think writing is a more productive and healthy way to express your inner feelings, than body art.

alrighty, i hate to get nasty on these comment things, but you gotta understand that i am both a street artist and a tattoo lover. i am also a proud owner of wearable art. to the poster -swagonwheels- ... i totally do not agree with you. i am sorry. what you see as ugly a lot of people see as a form of ex<x>pression. your deepest thougts and feelings, what you see as beauty reflected upon your skin. i see tattoos as beautiful, but my father hates them. i always tell him that he finds it necessary to purchase art to hang on his walls to appreciate and tattoos are just artwork that you can take with you and appreciate where ever you go. i do not think tattoos are a symbol of how much one has matured or not. come on, that was just a messed up statement. i mean you are entitled to your opinions, but "stuck in a rut developmentally"? wow... you can't possibly be implying that anyone who gets a tattoo or has one has the mentality of a teenager. that's like saying anyone who eats ice cream has the mentality of a toddler. <br />
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as for the original poster, i think that there is some other reason your wife is upset, and i don't really see it as the tattoo thing. tell her if they really bother her that much, you can wear concealing make-up on them during sex- and see what she retorts with! no, in all seriousness, i think you have some deep discussions heading your way. if you find tattoos beautiful, they are obviously important to you. she should take that into consideration before being judgemental about them. <br />
good luck.