Sexless Marriage=wrong Partner

i been reading some of these stories on this subject and genuinely feel for the authors. although you may stay in your marriage to make it work and i admire that but we all have needs and if they are not being met then it will lead to frustration and anger and also resentment, and if you did seek sex from elsewhere you may feel guilty or angry that your partner aint fullfilling your needs and you had to go elsewhere for sex! all i can say is "CHOICE" if you choose to stay in a relationship like this then you are to blame! we are all in control of our own lives and we do deserve to be happy and if your in a relationship that makes you suffer then just leave! its as simple as that! i am a man that loves to satisfy a woman in every way and if i didnt and i got cheated on well i only got myself to blame. also its a partnership and if your the one doing all the work then it aint gonna work, we all have needs and all want to be loved, so let 2013 be your year and "CHANGE YOUR SITUATION" DONT LET THE YEARS GO BY AS A SEXLESS MARRIAGE IS A LOVELESS MARRIAGE" sending love,hugs,kisses to all the lovely ladiesxxxx
naughteebynature naughteebynature
36-40, M
Jan 3, 2013