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Just spent an hour and a half exchanging suggestive, but not graphic, texts with a guy I dated in high school. He lives across the country so nothing can come of it (maybe that's why it was comfortable, because he is safe). Such a silly little thing, but I haven't felt this alive in years.
Maleficent77 Maleficent77 31-35, F 10 Responses Jan 4, 2013

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"Such a silly little thing, but I haven't felt this alive in years"

I am in a similar situation. Started texting a coworker who switched offices. We text often, suggestively, basically sexting. We actually met once to see how it would feel to kiss. That was the word to describe the most wonderful feeling I have felt in ages! ALIVE! He awakened me! I haven't seen him since and am I afraid to because I KNOW more would become of us and I can't do that just yet. He's also married and would have no issue hooking up, but I just am not ready for that. BUT OH how I felt so ALIVE that day!

Hell yes!! Feel the rush! The excitment, i do the same, knowing that "she" will never do a thing, but to have the nerve to TXt! Ohhh its an awesome feeling!

It sucks, when these little things make you feel special...because the person who should , doesn't.

Glad you were able to connect with someone even by text. You never know what can happen. There are airplanes, he, he. I flew from SC to Texas many times to see my H.

YAY! I know JUST what you mean. I have ventured out on 3 "coffee/lunch" dates only in tthe last half year since separating, and a handful of online conversations, but to be yearned for, to be wanted, even just to have someone who values you enough to sit down and chat for an hour with you - even just the hug at the end of the last "date" - you have no idea how far down you've gone in the self-respect department until you start feeling "alive" again!!!!

I'll give you the advice everyone on here gave me - you don't NEED someone else right away, just look after YOU and whatever happens, happens - take it slow and enjoy the little things ;)

<p>Something will come of this. And it ain't silly.</P><br />
<p>Might, or might not, involve him, but you can't put this genie back into the bottle.</P><br />
<p>Your consciousness is being raised, there will be changes.</P>

I agree. How do you think your husband will feel when he discovers these texts? I discovered such a thing from my husband only the other day and I am devastated. If there's still anything left between you and your husband it's best to work on your problems rather than seeking excitement with someone else.

My husband has never shown the slightest interest in me sexually unless he thought he was competing with another man and then the interest left as soon as he was sure I was staying with him. Finding these might actually turn him on (last night they progressed to graphic). Too bad, he had ten years to treat me like his lover and chose not to. There is nothing left.

(((( clapping ))))

Glad to hear you are embracing your sexual side,,and not letting it be snuffed out by your sex withholding husband

enjoy that feeling. embrace it--and hey, ya never know!

Isn't it great to feel alive again - after spending years with a dead zombie?? Enjoy xx

Sounds like you're crossing a Rubicon here. And when you say, nothing can come of it, I understood there were frequent planes?! I'd say that almost anything you want can come of it.

It's funny how wonderful normal interaction is after years of the SM.